The Box Scene

Just realising not everyone knows the whole story, so here goes:

  • Before Extraordinary Merry Christmas aired, we had some production stills that teased a significant Kurt and Blaine scene where Kurt was seen opening a ring-sized box. Klaine fandom went wild, obviously.
  • When the episode aired, we were all left a little disoriented as we tried to figure out how the episode ended without us seeing the scene we’d been waiting for.
  • Rather quickly, “sources” started confirming to the big entertainment websites that the scene had been cut, but that if we had seen it, we would have seen Blaine give Kurt a promise ring made of gum wrappers. Reports that the cut scene would be included in the Season 3 boxset followed.
  • Then, the script for the episode appeared on auction, benefiting Project Angel Food. Two fans decided to take charge and organised a fundraiser to win the script. Fandom donated enough to win and plenty more in a subsequent fandom giveaway. In the end, they raised over $13000 USD.

A few things:

  • I am so delighted to get my mitts on this script it’s unreal. Glee should publish whole seasons of these: I’d buy them in a heartbeat.
  • I have a couple other favourite things from this script that were changed or cut but were really interesting as written.
  • Kurt, Blaine and Puck were set as the elves in the All I Want For Christmas scene.
  • The eggnog joke was actually in the script.
  • Either Artie, Kurt or Blaine wears “Sunflowers” fragrance.

Is there anything else you  guys are interested in from the script? We’ve been asked to not share it online in its entirety, but I can screencap bits of interest! I’m planning to watch the ep today and see what was changed and what wasn’t.

The Santana in the jewellery shop scene? It was fun. But really long and doesn’t accomplish anything (that said, the way they cut it doesn’t either — although the full script explains it better than the cut episode did–, which means I think it was an awful decision to keep that but cut the box scene).

ETA: as pointed out below the scene didn’t actually end up in the episode — we just got a video of Santana performing Santa Baby in the jewellery shop. And for those who are interested, it’s below. Also, I tried to find the Santa Baby video, but Glee have taken it down from their YouTube channel.


23 thoughts on “The Box Scene

  1. Did they actually film that Klaine scene? Will that be in the DVD? If so, how can I get that?

  2. Yup, they did. That’s how we saw the production stills and why we expected the scene in the first place. There have been reports that it will be included in the S3 box set. I think that’s available in September.

    It will be interesting to see how they cut this scene, or if they do. Do you remember the snippets of script we saw of Original Song? The Blaine speech was pared down significantly.

  3. Yeah, at least part of the scene was filmed on camera. This whole debacle really makes me wish that the scripts were published somewhere, too – I’m so curious to see what else might have been written for all of the characters! Particularly, from S3, I’d like to see how The First Time was envisioned …

    I kind of like “Original Song” as it is – maybe I’ve had Blaine’s speech in my head for so long now that the one in the script doesn’t seem as meaningful.

    I am secretly hoping that the DVD release includes the cut Dalton footage from “Michael”. I remember the stills with Santana, Artie, Blaine and someone else there (Rachel?) and the Warbler’s performance of “I Want You Back” was filmed. But my fingers are not crossed at all.

  4. I donated so I was sent a pdf of the full script, and it makes me want to read the rest. It was kind of funnier than the actual episode.

  5. I managed to watch a bit of the ep while following along with the script. It’s interesting the changes that were made. “My Favourite Things” is twice as long as it is in the script. We’re also supposed to have seen Blaine and Rachel KISS. Yes, a “chaste kiss” at the end of “Extraordinary Merry Christmas”. Can you imagine the uproar? So Hilarious.

    But to me, so many of the conscious choices in this script make me wonder how obvious they’re being. The Box Scene itself is punctuated by a Finchel kiss. I mean, there’s no way that’s accidental, is there?

  6. I love the idea of seeing more of the scripts. It’s fun to see what’s ad-libbed (like the “Borat” joke in “Prom-asaurus”). I love that the eggnog joke was in the script. Awesome.

    Can’t believe about the Rachel/Blaine kiss. Thanks for sharing all the differences.

    Another thing that comes out of all this sharing is the fact that while we complain a lot about the writers and the writing, there are some marvelous things happening in the scripts. And while there are lots of reasons things might get cut or changed (that aren’t always about censorship, for instance), and lots of people who get a say about what gets cut, it’s still disheartening when the real vision trying to be expressed gets tampered with. I mean, can you imagine how the episode would’ve been received with most of these script elements intact?

  7. I continue to be grossed out by 17yo’s wanting to pledge themselves to other 17yo’s for all time. I know it happens. It just didn’t happen in my world, not without some serious religious motivation that none of these kids have.

    Makes Kurt’s reaction to the Rachel/Finn engagement a few eps later a bit suspect, as well, if he was romanticizing running off to NYC for an elopement w/ Blaine.

    Eh. I dislike Klaine; I was never going to be anything but irritated by this, was I? 😉

  8. Ha—especially considering Blaine’s really syrupy vow to Kurt. I guess I’m not surprised by such young people *thinking* they’ll be together forever—but that doesn’t mean they actually will end up that way. At least in “Dance with Somebody,” it’s clear that Kurt’s idea of how the long distance thing would work is very unrealistic. Like Blaine would seriously visit him every weekend. That doesn’t make sense at all . . . What is young love if not starry-eyed/blind?

    I actually know many couples who are still together and were h.s. couples–my own brother is one of them. And we’re not particularly religious. My office mate is another. Might not be incredibly common, but it does happen.

  9. Yup, that’s true. So, Kudos to them for cutting it because it didn’t actually do anything. And it was long. Fabulous, and really, really fun, but long. I think I thought it was in the ep because remember the video they released of “Santa Baby”

  10. I don’t actually know any religious couples who are still together from h.s. but I know several others. And they’re super happy. In my head, K&B are similar to one of them, so I’m actually reasonably comfortable with the “forever” talk, even if engagement would be a step too far. I thought it was super cute that Kurt is so willing. Because he spent some time thinking that wasn’t even a possibility, and now he’s jumping at the chance, and hey, we queers get to be silly sometimes too. Yay.

  11. I will grant that my social group in high school was very small, a bit combative and atypical. 7 of the 10 people who formed our loose web of love/hate were gay. Because of all of the ugly that we went through, I have a very dark and unromantic take on young love, perhaps. I can’t get past it when I watch shows about kids this age being “in love” and in committed relationships. It just reeks of fantasy to me, and not a very interesting fantasy. Though I’m sure, as you mention, it’s a reality for some. And their stories should also be told, even if they’re not the kind of stories I enjoy.

  12. We have such different backgrounds! I come from a tiny, conservative backwater. yes, lots of my high school friends were gay. No, not a single one of them used that word until they were at least 18 and graduated. None of us had a chance at any kind of honesty and happiness until we’d gone through coming out, dealt with rejection and the death of any dreams that came with it and then made it through that second adolescence before we had a chance at anything. So yeah, I’m a bit dazzled by the idea that a gay couple could be high school sweethearts that made it. Because that’s hard for straight people. It’s positively groundbreaking for queers.

  13. Assuming that they’re being honest in saying everything cut was cut solely for time, the writers are incredibly lucky that that Finn/Santana scene was cut out, given the I Kissed A Girl disaster and the swelling uproar about how nonexistent Brittany/Santana interaction was (and would continue to be, really).

  14. And I was (am) a pretty extreme introvert. My main friend I survived h.s. with was a second-gen Mexican immigrant, so we talked quincineras while we sat around and listened to The Smiths and any other music we got from her college-aged sister. I didn’t have any gay friends until college and grad school, probably because my own circle of actual friends I knew something about–and not just acquaintances–was so tiny. As far as h.s. romance goes, I do think there’s a fantasy element there with K&B, in that the idea of finding a soulmate is very compelling, of finding someone and feeling like you don’t have to look anymore. They sort of represent that dream, realistic or no, healthy or no.

  15. I’d like to know more about the Santana scene. Glee is supposed to be a comedy.

  16. I’ve added it above. I love how Santana is in it. I would have been pissed as hell had they kept it in the episode, because it’s not really useful, but it is quite a lot of fun. “Thank you for loving a boy who works in a tire shop”. Oh, San.

  17. Actually, I think some of what Finn says there, if they’d kept it in, would have made his proposal to Rachel in the very next episode even more horrifying, but his ultimate decision to set her free even more moving. JFC, Finn. He doesn’t have faith in his love for her lasting, but he proposes anyway. It kinda hurts. For me anyway, this moment would have colored their whole engagement storyline in a different way, made the tragedy that much more explicit and impending doomy.

    Also, nice contrast with Kurt & Blaine again, because they are both so clearly in it forever. Even when Blaine starts having doubts in DWS, it’s not about his faith in his love for Kurt lasting, but his faith in his ability to be okay without Kurt. Here, Finn talks about the jewelry lasting forever even though his love won’t (I guess the star indicates this a little, but not so clearly vis a vis how Finn is doubting himself), and then Blaine gives Kurt something very fragile and transitory but promises to love him always. This show.

    (Also, hi! Delurking for the first time. Go me!)

  18. Ok, yes. You’re right — the “jewellery lasting forever” vs ” love lasting forever” thing. Totally missed that, and absolutely crucial! Thanks for delurking!

  19. Even though I understand both, I think Finn actually has a more realistic outlook than Blaine does in regards to love. I don’t like Finn/Rachel together at all, but I don’t think Finn realizing that they might not last forever is a point against their relationship.

  20. They always cut out the good scenes! People all over wanted to see the Klaine Christmas scene and then it’s just not there! It’s one thing if no one knew about it, but pictures were released so we all knew that it should have happened! -__-
    Do you know if there was actually supposed to be a scene for the Warblers singing ‘I Want You Back’ in ‘Michael’ or was it just a bonus song? That would be interesting as to who Sebastian is singing to or if it’s a random song choice…? 🙂

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