About Deconstructing Glee

We love Glee.

We love how perfectly imperfect the show is. And we say that without reserve. Or irony.

We believe that Glee is worth spending time on, thinking about, analyzing, squealing over, wondering about, and—of course—talking about.

Which is what we want to do here with you.

What do you mean “we”? Isn’t this a solo project?

Deconstructing Glee was indeed a solo project by Jacq from March 2011 until November 2012.

It was turned into a group blog with the start of 2013 when Jacq needed to cut back on the time she spends on this project (she’s still around, though!). The new DG staff came together because we all wanted to keep DG alive.

The staff is supported by the Secret Society of Superheroes who also write episode reactions and other posts and/or help us behind the scenes. Superhero writers are introduced at the bottom of their posts.

So who is this new DG staff and what do they do?

Please welcome the new Senior Class.

Class President: Jacq (CanuckJacq)
Has the last word.

Writers’ Club: Andrea (TeileDesGanzen), Sheryl (SoThinky)
Take care of writers and writing.

A/V Club: Andrea (TeileDesGanzen), Sheryl (SoThinky)
Take care of admin and tech.

Prom Committee: Multicorn
Takes care of community and comments.

Faculty Advisor: Racheline Maltese (LettersFromTitan, rm)
Is required to wear a superhero costume once a week.

But who are you?

Find out more about us here.

Boring but necessary disclaimer:

Individual posts do not necessarily express the opinion of the Deconstructing Glee team.
We are also not responsible for the opinions expressed on any of the blogs/websites we link to.
While we strive for a diversity of opinions and contributors, there will probably always be something/someone missing from the mix. So if that’s you and your opinion/perspective, maybe you want to contribute and become a member of our very own Secret Society of Superheroes?


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