Class Discussion: 5×03 “The Quarterback”

From “Seasons of Love”, last night was more of an occasion for most of us than an episode. It didn’t particularly give us any new information, or move any plots forward. It did speak to us about the ways people grieve.

So I’m curious what everyone thought.



3 thoughts on “Class Discussion: 5×03 “The Quarterback”

  1. I had expected there would be a lot of Kurt in the episode, and there was. One thing that struck me is that characters were choosing to remember Finn as not having been prejudiced, when he had been homophobic, and learned to be less so at considerable expense to Kurt. But some characters chose to remember him as not having had faults. That’s a realistic enough reaction, I think.

  2. Yes, I was a little taken aback by Burt’s speech about how Finn hadn’t been homophobic. But again, the episode was about how people grieve, all the different ways. And some of us grieve by making people into saints they never were. In fact, a lot of people grieve that way. It’s one of the things I find most irritating around death. I quite enjoy the things about people that are un-saintly, and I detest how they get erased.

  3. I thought it was odd that only once were Kurt and Blaine sitting beside each other in the Glee rehearsal room scenes. Engaged people would, I think, normally sit next to each other and perhaps this would probably be especially true at the ages of their respective characters.

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