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Basic Conduct:

  • This is a Glee discussion blog.
  • If you have an unpopular opinion, go for it. Argue.
  • We don’t mind heated debates.
  • Critique, interpretation, and analysis are all welcome. So is evidence.
  • Insults aren’t criticism. Please be aware of the difference. For instance, “This person is a moron.” vs. “This person’s point conflicts with many facts and, in my opinion, isn’t valid. Allow me to explain: [explain, give supporting data].”
  • We will not publish personal insults of any description against other commenters, ourselves, or the actors/creators/fans of Glee. And while there are several legitimate fourth wall-related topics, we will also not publish any creepiness or drama about real people (e.g. Glee actors/creators). Reasons for this? Mostly, because it’s uninteresting and off topic.
  • We don’t edit/moderate for syntax, grammar or spelling.  But keep in mind that other people will understand you better if you use sentences and words that exist in dictionaries, especially as, for some people reading, English may not be their first language. If Google Translate doesn’t understand you, other people can’t either.
  • When you comment for the first time (or use a new email address), your comment will automatically be held for moderation. We’re doing our best to look over these comments as quickly as possible, but please be patient if there is a little delay.


  • We may contact you by email if we find your comment especially interesting, because we might ask you to write more about it. If you don’t want that, use a fake email address. Otherwise, feel free to just say “no” when we ask. We promise we won’t be offended. 🙂
  • We don’t store any email addresses anywhere other than on this blog. We don’t give out details about you, either.
  • Threats against anyone will void our promise to not share your details.

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