The DG Senior Class

This is the new Senior Class. Find more about who does what on Deconstructing Glee here.

Jacq (CanuckJacq) — Class President & Prom Committee
Age: 36
Location: Ireland
Primary Glee interests: I mostly gleek out over Klaine, Unique and Hummelberry, although I have much love for Beiste, Emma and Tina too.
What else: I’m too queer for real life, so I live on the internet instead. ADHD, genderqueer without pronoun issues, immigrant, married suburbanite.
Also lives here:

Andrea (TeileDesGanzen) — Writers’ Club & A/V Club
Age: 39
Location: Germany
Primary Glee interests: Characters: Kurt/Klaine/Blaine, also: Unique, Beiste (but will talk about anyone who catches my interest at any given time). Topics: gender (with a special interest in queer femininities and transgender things), queer and LGBT things (which are sometimes but not always the same), outfits/props/sets/visual language.
What else: I’m queer, fem(me), butch-loving, trans*partnered, white, middle-class raised, academically educated, able-bodied, complex-minded, multicurious, variably obsessed, and I often feel most at home on the Internet.
Also lives here: /

Sheryl (SoThinky) — Writers’ Club & A/V Club
Age: 41
Location: Chicago (USA)
Primary Glee interests: Characters: Mostly Kurt/Blaine/Klaine, but increasingly, everyone else—because of the way individual stories connect with and speak to (and argue with) all the other stories. Topics: issues pertaining to gender, agency, and anything visual—imagery, set design, cinematography, costuming—tend to grab my attention the most.
What else: I can remember a time when being a fan meant you’d read a favorite book that no one else you knew had even heard of—like LOTR—a million times. And that was the extent of your fan activity, because, er—the internet didn’t exist!
Also lives here: /

Multicorn — Prom Committee
Age: 29
Location: Washington, D.C. (USA)
Primary Glee interests: I obsess most over Kurt and Blaine, together or separately, but I love so many of the characters – Santana and Brittany, Mercedes and Artie, Tina and Mike, Emma and Unique. I’m fascinated by the intertextuality of Glee with so many of the sources that it draws from (musicals, music videos, etc.), and with the way that it uses emotionally heightened reality, performance sequences, and ‘is this comedic? or is this dramatic?’ moments to create stories that aren’t quite mimetic but don’t fit well into any genre I know.
What else: I’ve always loved to think too much about stories, but it’s only here in Glee fandom that I’ve finally found other people to do it with. Sometimes I sing and dance when I walk, and I wish that life could be a musical.
Also lives here:

Racheline Maltese (LettersFromTitan, rm) — Faculty Advisor
Age: 40
Location: New York City (USA)
Primary Glee interests: Queer identities, magic, and loss.
What else: Racheline is an organizationally challenged professional media analyst, pop-culture writer, performer and storyteller. Racheline thinks everyone should live in Brooklyn.
Also lives here:


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