Class Discussion: 5×02 “Tina in the Sky with Diamonds”

Screenshot from Glee.S05E02.HDTV.x264-LOL.mp4 - 3I don’t have a lot of strong feelings about this episode. I feel like it was a whole bunch of bits and pieces — and once again, I’m having a hard time ignoring what I know is coming.

Tina was getting desperate. The interruption was hilarious, because haven’t we all wondered if glee club ever ends during a performance? I am glad, at the end, that they cleaned her wounds, and helped her back up on her feet, because if that hadn’t happened, I shudder to think where Tina may have gone from there. But this probably isn’t the end of Tina’s struggles. Screenshot from Glee.S05E02.HDTV.x264-LOL.mp4 - 15

Ok, so were you part of the half of the English speaking world that giggled like 8 year olds on helium when Rachel shouted out “I’ve got fanny!”? Because I sure was.

I really liked Kurt working at the diner too. It’ll be nice having the three of them together at work instead of at separate places. And Dani. The jury’s still out, but at least they do seem to have some actual chemistry. I really do not want to upset the crew of the good ship Brittana, but man, I want something hotter. The biphobia rings true. I wonder though, about why Dani was winding Santana up.

Screenshot from Glee.S05E02.HDTV.x264-LOL.mp4 - 18Santana’s yeast infection ad is the funniest thing I have ever seen. I mean, really, they should make ads like that.

The “cake” request was cliche and awesome. I did not expect Rachel to get the part. It will be excruciating to see what happens from here on out.

I’m not sure I get where the Penny/Sam thing is going. Any thoughts? And have they dropped Ryder and Unique as a plot?



3 thoughts on “Class Discussion: 5×02 “Tina in the Sky with Diamonds”

  1. I wasn’t happy with the biphobia. I was fine with Blaine saying he was “100% gay” (“Blame It on the Alcohol”), but I guess it was more personal when it was girls, or the way it was presented. It’s not that I have anything against women who are 100% attracted to other women, but it’s the experience I’ve had of some lesbians’ attitudes towards bisexual women.

    The new New Directions are really working together and supporting each other. There was a lot with girls being supportive of girls this episode, of the ND girls and the New York folks. I like episodes that have a good bit of the boys (the ones who aren’t bullies), but I guess it’s good for real life girls to see the ND girls’ interactions in “Tina in the Sky with Diamonds.”

    I’ve been wondering where they’re going with Tina. She has reasons to proclaim herself bitter, but I hope she can have some success. She’s been in a number of “Tina can’t win” scenarios. I’d like for her to be able to complete some songs, because I think she has such a good voice.

    I think it will be good to have several of the group working at the diner, as a good place to break into song.

    I said all of season four that I’d like for Unique to get a nice boyfriend, someone who would treat her well. I still want that.

  2. The biphobia is exactly what I’ve witnessed as well, from lesbians and gay men. Which is why it “rings true” to me. I don’t the the narrative celebrates biphobia (I mean, Brittany is a beloved character and Kurt was shown as being biphobic as part of being horribly insecure). That said, I’m sure it’s triggery for those who’ve been at the receiving end of it.

  3. @DeconstructingGlee — I agree re: the biphobia; part of what I’ve come to love about Glee is the abandon with which the show exposes aspects of GLBT culture that don’t tend to make it onto broadcast primetime. And some of it is beautiful, and some of it is ugly, but all of it is there. Biphobia sucks, just like the transphobia Unique faces intensely sucks, but it is representative of experience as much as Blaine’s intense public proposal was. And while Santana wasn’t challenged on what she said, she wasn’t supported either, making this just a shitty thing that was said that makes sense in the context of Santana rather than a commentary on biphobia itself.

    It happens all the time. I don’t love being on the receiving end of it, but it is a part of gay culture, and that makes it fodder for Glee. I mean, Brittany still had her own storyline as a bisexual woman who fell in love with Sam and explained herself in a remarkably mature manner, so it’s hard for me to imagine that the Glee producers are trying to sanction biphobia.

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