“Shooting Star” (4×18) – First Reaction and Meta Link Round-Up

This week’s post is a mixture between our usual first reactions (“Class Discussion”) and our meta link collections (“High Notes”).

Instead of sharing just one first reaction with you, I put together a whole list of first reaction posts from Tumblr. Many of them are still very raw and full of random observations and unfinished thoughts, and therefore an excellent basis for further meta.

First reactionstumblr_ml7tbrGPMo1rnf2p3o1_500

I also have a bunch of links with meta/thinking about more specific topics and characters. Many of those posts have sparked further discussion, so make sure you also check out the replies/reblogs.

Creating the atmosphere of “Shooting Star”

Becky (and Sue)




Further mixed meta

Bonus (because this has been a hard episode for a lot of reasons, and maybe you need it)

Editors’ Note: Episode reactions (‘Class Discussion’) at Deconstructing Glee come from a rotating panel of contributors from all around the globe. Let us know if you’d like to be part of our Secret Society of Superheroes, here! We could still use more contributors for the final episodes of the season.

‘High Notes’ are a collection of meta quotes and links that caught our attention in the first few days after a new episode aired. Our selection of them is of course entirely subjective and limited to what we actually read and doesn’t imply that other pieces weren’t equally noteworthy. Please feel free to recommend such things to us after the following episodes, especially longer pieces that haven’t been posted on Tumblr (but no guarantees that we’ll use them).

– This post was written and compiled by Andrea (TeileDesGanzen).


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