Extra Credit: Glee Podcast on Costuming

For our followers (whether or not you’re on Tumblr, too), we’re excited to share details about a livestream conversation many of us here at Deconstructing Glee will be a part of thanks to the wonderful people at FY Glee Podcast. Our topic? “Costuming in Glee: Symbols and Motifs.” Here’s the description: “Between street clothes, uniforms and costumes, clothing on Glee communicates so much about individual characters and their stories. Topics include color, gender and clothing, dressing and undressing, and recurring accessory motifs.” The participants include lettersfromtitan, teiledesganzen, likearumchocolatesouffle, purplehairedwonder, and sothinky.

To hear us live, tune in Sunday, April 28 at 1PM EST.  

Here’s the link to the YouTube channel, and if you miss it head over to the group’s website. They also have a forum for discussing the podcast after.


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