High Notes: “Girls (and Boys) on Film” (4×15)

NYC watching MR

There was so much material to write about in “Girls (and Boys) in Film” that I only just now finished sorting through the bookmarks I collected. And then I remembered that this was originally meant to be the last episode before the hiatus, so I’m not surprised at its density anymore.
This week, there was a lot of collaborative meta (where people expanded on each other’s thoughts) rather than many long solo posts (that stand for themselves). I am especially charmed by this after an episode that started with a collaboration instead of a competition (“Shout”)…

I figured it would be good to get this up as soon as possible so you have a chance to at least start reading some of this before the next episode airs later tonight. Which is why you get your “High Notes” in a different format this week, namely as a list of links with only a very brief description what the post/conversation behind them is about. Have fun exploring!

General themes and symbols in the episode

Using movies to work through real-life issues

Stars, astronomy, astrology (and other symbols)


Lima, Ohio

New Directions




New York



 “Come What May”

— This week’s High Notes were selected and compiled by Andrea (TeileDesGanzen).

Editors’ Note:High Notes’ are a collection of meta quotes and links that caught our attention in the first few days after a new episode aired. Our selection of them is of course entirely subjective and limited to what we actually read and doesn’t imply that other pieces weren’t equally noteworthy. Please feel free to recommend such things to us after the following episodes (before the next High Notes post goes up), especially longer pieces that haven’t been posted on Tumblr (but no guarantees that we’ll use them).


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