The Glee Yearbook (and will fandom have to fix it?)

I saw this a few days ago and posted it on my Tumblr, but I wanted to talk more about it, so it’s going to be here.

This could be all kinds of fun, and I genuinely hope it is.

Do you think they’ll do senior class awards? Like “Mostly Likely to Live Happily Ever After” and “Most Likely to Have 18 Kids and Counting”, etc? Because that could be hilarious. Also: yearbook quotes.

Also, it could be a spectacular failure, and then we have to make it better in fandom, which could be awesome too.

Because of fandom, we win either way.



5 thoughts on “The Glee Yearbook (and will fandom have to fix it?)

  1. They have an odd balance to walk. Because WMHS is a horrible place which will vote Kurt and Blaine for horrible things. But we’re fandom, and we want them to have ten billion babies or whatever, and I can’t figure out how this product can walk the line successfully.

  2. Yeah, because *really* most of the Glee club would be insignificant in the Yearbook, other than the Glee photo itself. They’re still not super popular, and the ones that were, aren’t as much as they used to be (with the exception of Finn, I guess).

    I’m almost certain I will buy this — hardcopy even, because it’d be an awesome thing to have to get signed if I ever did happen upon a Glee person.

    But somehow, they have to move the glee club front-and-centre. We shall see.

  3. I’m sure it will be a purely Glee Club centered yearbook, since as much as they may call it “The Official WIlliam McKinley Yearbook” it’s selling point is the Glee kids. The biggest question I have is whether they’ll do something like what happened in the ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ HP book, where they showed them graffitied by students.

    Regardless of what is turns out to be like though, I KNOW I’m going to rush out and buy the hardcover the second it comes out. I can’t wait, actually. I’m definitely looking forward to the couples page.

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