After Elton: The Heart of Glee is Gay

Glee needs to get back to the gay storylines, even though it looks to me like the producers are itching to break up Blaine and Kurt, and that’s sad, because I really don’t want to see Kurt with a broken heart, though Chris Colfer will act the hell out of it. I’ll understand the reason, though. Darren Criss, who plays Blaine is so incredibly talented as a dancer/singer/actor, he tends to push other actors off the screen, so the show can benefit with him being paired up with others, like the sexy and dangerous Sebastian Smythe.

Glee could get a whole lot more gay if Kurt was allowed to take a giant step forward because he’s now sexually active. Maybe, instead of chaste eye-blinking with Blaine at Breadstix, Kurt could get back to Scandals and start cruising. I can imagine that musical number: something by the Scissor Sisters. I can’t wait to freeze-frame the DVR to read Kurt’s Grindr profile.

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I think dude’s right here, on a couple of counts. I do think that Glee is at its best in gay storylines. Rachel and Finn are the worst couple ever if you compare them to Kurt and Blaine, for instance.

Kurt’s storyline, most especially, has touched the hearts of so many people, even those with no predeliction for gay storylines. And Chris Colfer has said several times that he believes Kurt’s storyline benefits from an honesty that is hard to find — because Kurt’s story is largely Ryan Murphy’s. However, I do think they do very well when they hit other issues head-on too. Becky’s most recent storyline was fantastic. The problem is, they rarely want to look at other issues as plainly as they do “the gay”.

And no, I’m not going to freak if Kurt and Blaine split up, but I can’t imagine Kurt being the cruising type (not at this age anyway and not in such a depressing Ohio small-town gay bar). I mean, yes, he has had sex now. That doesn’t turn everyone into an 18 year old bar fly. For the record, my brain does not balk at the idea of a single Blaine suddenly becoming a Scandals regular.

What think ye of all of this?


9 thoughts on “After Elton: The Heart of Glee is Gay

  1. I think I’m tired of everyone judging Darren Criss’ talent with their man/lady parts, is what I think. Because the above “DC is so much more talented than everyone else” kind of makes me want to vomit.

  2. lol yeah, I left that alone, but I feel the same. Like, he’s good. I’m a fan. Hell, my ONE holiday this year was used up going to see him perform in London. But he’s not as good as what this dude thinks.

  3. I think he’s a spooky charismatic guy — really pushes the right buttons for a lot of people; I’m not wired for him, but I can still acknowledge that he has “it.” But the hype factor just pushes me further and further away from any chance I had of being a fan.

    But then, I like Tony Randall a lot better than I like Rock Hudson…

  4. I’d love a return to gay story lines, and not because I love Klaine. Apparently there’s gonna be a lot of Brittana in the V-Day episode so we may have our wish come true! Hopefully the writers deal with their relationship as sensitively as they did Klaine.

    I think it would be cool to see the different directions that Kurt and Blaine go in if they break up, since they’re such different people it would be interesting to see how they both deal with it. It’s been really cool how they’ve shown how Kurt and Blaine are both gay but very different people (I’m remembering Chris Colfer’s previous comment on how gays come in all shapes and sizes) so seeing more on the different ways they deal with being gay and searching for love would be awesome.

    That being said I don’t actually want to see them break up so I’d be totally fascinated but completely heart broken if this happened…

  5. I like glee gay. More accurately, I like glee because it is gay. As a high school student, I was a bisexual band geek. For me, Glee has always been a fantasy retelling of the stories I saw my friends live 10 years ago. We were less attractive and significantly less talented, but we struggled with the same types of issues.

    I love watching Brittana because I remember that pain and confusion of being in love with a friend that may not be able to love you back. I like Blaine because he makes Kurt happy, but I am willing to accept almost any other pairing or non-pairing that accomplishes the same goal. If I wanted to watch a dysfunctional heterosexual high school relationship, like Rachel and Fin’s, there are no shortage of other shows available to me.

    Honestly, I want the Kurt and Santana show.

  6. Same here—-the Kurt and Santana show would be epic, I mean the creators could just put together another show that follows the same characters (I know that’s called a spin off but I just can’t bring myself to say it). I’m seeing Kurt as an off-Broadway writer/performer doing cabaret on the side and Santana as his agent.
    I know people aren’t as fond of Darren Criss but I think he’s just a very different sort of actor-there’s no doubt he can sell a scene/song and I’ve been quite touched by his performance-it’s because he’s so reserved people just have no idea what’s going on-Blaine works very hard to protect himself and Criss projects that really well. I think we need to see so much more of him, it’s also a credit to Chris Colfer as an actor that he’s so generous to his co stars, hence why he clicks with pretty much everyone he shares the screen with. The gay storylines work so well because they explore the most complicated characters through the best actors. It’s not even about the fact their gay half the time.

  7. I’m not sure I really understand AfterElton here. Somehow, the show is only ‘more gay’ if the gay couples are broken up and it somehow turns into a version of Queer As Folk with Kurt cruising for ass. This, after all, is an 8pm family network show, with a pretty groundbreaking gay couple being depicted. For all the writer’s failings in bringing forward gay issues and storylines without the straight characters always taking ownership of the situations, this show does far more good in having Kurt and Blaine in a relationship together. The assessment of Darren and Chris as people who seem to have an easy chemistry with the vast majority of people they share the screen with is accurate, but isn’t really a good enough reason to break them up, just so they can have a well acted disintergration of a relationship, and new ones to establish.

    It’s odd that they seem to think the writers are ‘itching’ to break them up. I’ve seen absolutely nothing to suggest this (and I’m fairly oversensitive to threats to my favourite pairing). Sebastian was (and still is) promoted as being a danger to the couple, whereas in all his episodes, he’s actually done nothing but bring them closer together. Whilst Finn and Rachel as the major het couple lurch from crisis to crisis, desperately clutching at things to keep them together, Kurt and Blaine sail quietly on, solid as a rock, supporting each other and completely in love. I think the AE writer is projecting a hell of a lot of their own wishes for the show trying to make them sound as if they’re already within the show’s structure. I actually think, in season 4, that they may take more liberties with showing a gay culture, especially if the narrative moves partially to New York. I just can’t see why Kurt can’t be part of the gay community and nightlife, and still have a boyfriend back home in Lima. For this season as well, they’ve shown that the couple are probably working their way (slowly) through Kurt’s bucket list, but they’re doing it together. Doesn’t make it less gay!

  8. “It’s odd that they seem to think the writers are ‘itching’ to break them up. I’ve seen absolutely nothing to suggest this (and I’m fairly oversensitive to threats to my favourite pairing).”

    Exactly! It’s so weird that Art Reker thinks that. After Ryan Murphy stating that no couples will break up this season, Chris Colfer’s statements about being a role model for gay monogamy, Colfer revealing Sebastian’s role will be more just “being a dick” than going after Blaine, and, oh, EVERY Klaine scene being about how much they love each other?

    I would agree, though, that the heart of Glee is gay. I’ve certainly cared more about each of the queer relationships than ANY of the straight ones.

  9. Although I DO think that Darren Criss is incredibly talented, I can’t think of an instance where he pushed Chris OR Lea off the screen. Let’s be honest: he pulls focus, yes, but NOBODY on that show pulls focus like Chris Colfer. I also have serious problem with the notion that Kurt would automatically be the heartbroken one and subsequently start cruising for guys at a creepy bar.

    I haven’t decided yet, actually, whether the gay story lines are actually stronger in and of themselves, or if specifically the Kurt-centric story lines are stronger because of Chris Colfer. Although I appreciated it, Santana’s coming out story line wasn’t nearly as strong or thorough as Kurt’s, and since she came out they haven’t really dealt with her life any further. Brittany seems completely unable to just come out and say that she’s bisexual or questioning, instead having to defer to terms like “bicorn.” Blaine, thus far, is still mostly just “Kurt’s cute boyfriend,” however many headcanons I’ve assembled for him. And Dave Karofsky. Don’t even get me started on Dave Karofsky. So many places they could have taken that, so much possible development, and they’ve done little more than tease for a season and a half now. All of the actors put forth strong performances with what they’re given, of course, but Chris is something else all together. Most of my favorite moments with him on the show, come to find out, are usually things he has initiated or suggested (Rose’s Turn, AIWNSG, the way Prom Queen played out, etc).

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