AfterElton: Dear Glee: Kill Will

I love Glee in that fawning, bitchy way I felt about high school. I tune in every episode like it’s a new school day, filled with the promise of seeing good friends and learning something new, but reserving the opportunity to say something really rude about it after the final bell. I spent a lot of time watching TV in high school, so even though Glee’s last semester was all kinds of a drag, TV history shows me that it’s not hopeless – if they take my suggestion, some of the show’s best episodes will be ahead.

My suggestion? Kill Will Schuester. Now wait, before all the Matthew Morrison fans call for my head on a spit, hear me out.

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Well, no beating around the bush there. If you had creative control of Glee, would you Kill Will?


One thought on “AfterElton: Dear Glee: Kill Will

  1. I know a lot of people aren’t Shue/Morrison fans, but he doesn’t really bother me. I do think they need to fix some of the character assassination flaws that have been introduced through lazy writing, but I believe that is true of pretty much all the characters on Glee. The show seemed to run a lot better when he was more central to the plot in his association with the kids and a lot of that is lost now. However, with that being said, it seems some of the upcoming episodes feature him more heavily than season 3 has thus far (i.e. yes/no that aired tonight). I certainly don’t think the proper course would be to kill him off.

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