Rory’s got a girlfriend… (maybe?)

Damian’s character Rory and…a mystery woman! And it sounds juicy, y’all.

“I want Rory to have a girlfriend,” McGinty tells me, “and it could happen pretty soon, so watch out! I’ve seen the most recent script last week and yeah, there is [a new Rory romance].”

So why is he blushing? Not because of any kind of steamy sex scene, you (fellow) dirty-minded perverts. “I think [Rory’s] a little innocent for that!” Damian says. “But I’m excited because the storyline is not as simple as Rory just getting a girl. He doesn’t quite have the girl but he kind of does and then there’s like a whole story behind it that is going to continue through the season where people might see a different side of Rory. I was interested in reading it! I only got half the script and when I saw the end of the first half my reaction was like, ‘Uh-oh, oh no!” So it’s a big shock, it’s a big shock.”

Fellow Gleeks, can we place our wagers now?

via Glee’s Damian McGinty Drops Spoiler Bomb on New Romance: “It’s a Big Shock!” – Red Carpet | E!Online.

Ooooh so guesses? I can’t think of anyone I want to see him with really. I may be ruined by all the Irishofsky shipping that happened so early on. And it sounds like Rory’s here for the school year now. It’ll be interesting to see if they can figure a way to keep him on in Season 4.


5 thoughts on “Rory’s got a girlfriend… (maybe?)

  1. I thought it was Quinn? Didn’t I see a spoiler somewhere about Rory and Quinn at a dance? After sectionals, she ran into the choir room and said, “Come here, you!” and hugged Rory… I thought that might go somewhere.

  2. I thought Quinn myself, but didn’t know why. But I’m in a cough-medicine haze, so I know nothing.

    But I don’t see Rory and Quinn. Like, at all. I try and put them in the same room together in my head and they both sit there awkwardly saying nothing and looking at the floor/ceiling.

  3. I don’t actually see him with anyone right now, as they’ve played him as such a baby (are there any girls left on Glee who are still at that stage of innocence and puppy love?). But maybe what we learn about him really will be darker and give him something to snare us with…

    Quinn’s the only regular not in a relationship. Sugar, I guess, but I see Artie and Sugar hooking up (maybe this is just because Sugar is like a less-smoking-hot version of Brittany?)…

    We’ll find out soon enough, I reckon.

  4. I’m iffy on Rory as a character anyway, but whatever chance he has for growing on me will be killed if he hooks up with Sugar. Whoever hired her should be arrested for assaulting my ears with the sound of her voice.

  5. My thoughts have considered Sugar, a likely candidate and with McGinty dropping the hint that he’ll sort of have this girl but not yet and the story will evolve as they move forward I think Sugar the likely match. I could see Arty getting her at first with Rory stealing her away later.

    But another thought was Becky. Arty isn’t interested but admitted she was fun to be with. Rory is shy and very sweet, and I suspect they might just be thinking about Rory and Becky as a couple. And another hint from Damian McGinty was his hanging out with her at the Golden Globes party, trying to get to know her more since they might be working more closely in the future.

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