Every February you’ll be my Valentine (or not?)

Right now, Colfer is working without his leading man, Darren Criss, who is busy succeeding Daniel Radcliffe in Broadway’s How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. Where does that leave “Klaine,” especially with the most romantic of holidays on the horizon?

“You’ll find out how [Blaine] leaves for a little bit and then comes back, but it’s nothing too bad or serious,” Colfer hinted. As for how long Klaine fans will have to do without, Colfer said that Criss will be around through the Michael Jackson tribute episode but miss the Ricky Martin visit and the Valentine’s Day episode. That said, he promised there is “fun stuff going on for the rest of us.”

via Glee Preview — Kurt, Blaine, Sebastian, Season 4.

My Tumblr Klaine tag is going nuts.

I’m a little disappointed, but I’m looking forward to seeing how/if they address the absence. It could end up cuter than ever, depending.


10 thoughts on “Every February you’ll be my Valentine (or not?)

  1. Remember how cute the lonely heart’s club Valentine’s was last year, with Kurt, Rachel & Mercedes eating pizza in jammies?

    Yeah, it won’t be that particular combination, but they could do some very fun stuff with him being dateless.

    I am just ready for the show to come back on, already. And then it’s one week on, one week off, and then ANOTHER hiatus after that? It’s actually kind of a momentum-killer, all of these breaks. I’m more frustrated and bored with waiting than panting in anticipation…

  2. You know, it’s not that I trust the show, it’s that I can live with the show.

    Fandom on the other hand, may drive me over the edge on this one.

  3. I’ve already seen a couple of “No Blaine/Klaine, No Glee!” comments… They suspect a plot, which is HILARIOUS to me. Because, you know, Ryan Murphy, I’m sure, often thinks to himself, “How do I NOT capitalize on success?”

  4. My tendency is actually to not completely believe Chris that Darren would miss the whole episode. He’s missing filming right now for it, but I think they’re just starting today and they don’t usually finish an episode in a week, and he’ll be back next Monday. So I’m guessing he’ll miss parts, but not the entire episode — and they’ve been pretty good about working around absences and editing people back in in the past, like when Darren was filming Imogene and Lea was filming New Year’s Eve. Maybe he’ll return from his absence toward the end?

    Not that I think that Chris is lying at all, but that particular part of the quote is paraphrased and not a direct quote, so we’re seeing the interviewer’s interpretation of what Chris said, which could have been less direct.

    Either way, I’m interested to see what they do with it. I’m not coming up with this because I can’t deal with Blaine not being around for Valentine’s Day, but I think that Darren will be back on set when they are filming this episode, so…

  5. They suspect that Ryan plotted to get Darren off the set for a few weeks so that one of his power couples could be separated for an episode? And planned the timing (because Ryan controls Broadway, as well as Dan Radcliffe and Nick Jonas’ schedules) to coincide with Valentine’s Day for maximum impact? Okay, then…

  6. As a avid supporter of Klaine it scares me, the fanatisism that pops up if Kurt/Blaine aren’t in a scene together. Perhaps I’m not as largely bother by it because I don’t put a ton of hyperventilating stock in Valentine’s Day to begin with. If they come up with a valid reason for him to be dateless I can accept that. Sure a little part of my Klainer heart will be sad about it but I don’t think it’s a plot set up by Ryan Murphy.

  7. Not having Blaine in the v-day episode could be a good thing. I would enjoy seeing them portray the Kurt/Blaine relationship as a good and healthy part of life, but not either of their whole lives. I feel that some of the relationships in glee have a tendency to be a bit obsessive. While this is not necessarily unrealistic for high school students, I have been glad that Klaine has managed to avoid this trend.

  8. You know, I am not so disappointed because it is a Klaineless (or sans Blaine/Darren especially *gush*) episode. I’m disappointed because they have a history with Valentine’s day, and it would have been a great opportunity for them to come kinda full circle. Just think, Kurt and Blaine could have gone on a shopping date at the Gap.

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