Chris Colfer talks Kurt and “the boys”

Insider: But before we get to either of those things, we have this week’s episode — called Yes/No — which features New Directions recreating Summer Nights from Grease. Which side does Kurt sing on?

Chris: [laughs] He was with the girls — by my request. Originally he was with the boys but I called Ryan and said, “What do the boys have that Kurt wants?!?” There’s no way he’d be hanging with them. He’d be gabbing with the girls over sandwiches and mac & cheese. He completely agreed and I was put with the girls, which is great because I get to be Rizzo!

Insider: Kurt may be with the girls, but Blaine is with the boys. What do you make of the fact the writers have made him “one of the boys?”

Chris: I think they both just gravitate towards people they identify with. Blaine is gay but he’s more of a guy than Kurt, who is a little more grand than that. I say Kurt is more grandeur than guy [laughs]. But I’m glad our show really shows that it takes all kind of gays to make the world go ’round: good gays, bad gays, manly gays, less than manly gays. There are all kinds of gays.

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4 thoughts on “Chris Colfer talks Kurt and “the boys”

  1. I like this also. (Though it seems a lot of people, as usual, have taken it as a bad thing and said “Chris should just stop being allowed to talk on important issues that he doesn’t get” etc…)

    (But I think Chris is forgetting that the boys now have Blaine, and Blaine has his dick…)

  2. I think Chris made a smart character choice. Kurt almost never “hangs out” with the guys, and it would honestly just seem a little out of place. I can see Kurt being an honorary member of the pink ladies long before I see him joining the thunderbirds. Though, Blaine seems to fit with the guys.

    I’m not trying to lead back to the whole “passing” thing. Kurt just has a history of predominately hanging out with the girls. Times this is true to character: slumber party with Mercedes and Rachel? Check. Hanging out in the chicks bathroom? Indeed. A host of others that I don’t wanna bother writing out? Check.

    On the other hand, quality time spent with the guys where even the possibility of discussing “summer lovin” would come up: …I will have to get back to you on that one.

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