Yes/No Spoilers and Speculation

Yes/No Spoiler Tweet: Someone's already married. Not Wemma.

um, discuss?

More to chew on here.


34 thoughts on “Yes/No Spoilers and Speculation

  1. I think it’s Finchel based on random trolling from Lea Michele. Second place theory, Puck and Shelby. Third place theory (which is boring and is not worth all this OMG! from people with advance copies) — Sue and Cooter.

    Any which way it goes, if we don’t get some Kurt and Blaine side-eyeing this shit both as queer people and kids with some common sense, I will be cranky.

  2. Yes please to the Kurt and Blaine side-eying. What a terrible idea, for any of these high school students.

    If it’s Finchel, will the show actually try to spin it as a good idea? I can’t see them wanting their endgame power-couple getting divorced, or indicating that their love is not “true love” but they shouldn’t be married.

    And wow — this better not be Ryan Murphy’s groundbreaking idea about keeping everyone on the show — get them all married and tied to Lima.

  3. I think Finchel is a very good guess. Puck and Shelby… man, that would be so much more fucked up than Glee usually is open about. And I think you’re right about Sue and Cooter.

    It strikes me this is something Quinn could easily do right now if the right guy was willing.

  4. I’d kind of love that. A couple gay kids running off and getting stupidly hitched? But Klaine, no, not even kind of. Kurt wouldn’t stand for an elopement anyway. Well, unless there were serious Blaine/family issues that it would solve.

  5. Kurt: “Dad! Stop yelling! It’s not even legally recognized here! We did something, that means something to us, that doesn’t even matter in any of the ways you’re freaking out about. And frankly, that sucks. So just stop.”

  6. Carole as in Finn’s mom? Where is that mentioned? Can you share? (I can’t get into LJ at work).

  7. I really don’t think it’s about Carole’s health. I think it’s much more likely that it’s something about Finn’s father (possibly that yes, he was a vet, but that he was a suicide, is my theory).

  8. No, no, it can’t be illness again in that family. Just, no. But your theory sounds interesting too. And I’m in the middle of a “Daddy Issues” post about Glee. I may wait, I think.

  9. Daddy issues – otherwise known as Glee’s favourite subtext. I’d lay decent money on there being an episode called ‘Daddy’ (or some variant thereof) at some point this season, which includes several of the following: The Berry daddies (currently being cast if reports are to be believed), Blaine’s daddy issues, Burt Hummel as The World’s Greatest Father, and finally Will Schuester who discovers he’s to be a father FOR REALZ this time!!

    As for Finn, Finn’s dad who I think isn’t dead, isn’t a war hero – but was a Gulf War vet who left Carole and her baby – may come back at some point. I’m wondering whether Carole admits she lied to Finn all these years to protect him. But jesus, she better have told Burt the truth! Just my wild theory!

  10. what about Mercedes and Sam or Santana and Britt??? also daddy issues would be a great post-can’t wait to read it.

  11. E!Online: “Cory Monteith has perhaps his most dramatic scene yet of the season, in which his mother gives him some heartbreaking news he does not take well.”

    EW: “Finn contemplates joining the army which brings up a secret from his past and the return of his mom and Burt Hummel.”

    I’m very much expecting the ‘already married’ couple to be Sue/Cooter.

    From Ausiello: “How sweet is the hour, which focuses not just on Will’s proposal to Emma but on all of the show’s couples?” Okay, this is a lie. It focuses on the heterosexual couples, namechecks Brittana who ‘share a glance’ while Blaine apparently looks at Kurt during a Rachel ‘I Love Finn’ number. Or at least in Kurt’s direction. Or something.

    The shocking/game changing/never-saw-that-coming!/Fox will assassinate me/emergency shipper meetings called! is, I imagine, Finn proposing to Rachel. Everyone I know, on TWoP and elsewhere, has been predicting and dreading this for months. The idea of two babies who’ve barely lived getting engaged as a storyline exciting twentysomething actors, fortysomething writers and a whole host of entertainment writers, all of whom should know better, has me floored, Also everyone I know. Oh, those crazy romantic kids!

  12. well we get a lot of Klaine in the next ep—and the whole Finn proposing to Rachel thing could be really interesting and not in a fluffy romantic way. For example he knows that their time together is drawing to an end and he’s never been beneath using underhand methods to get/keep his girlfriends (I really hate Finn) so I’m guessing as he feels almost totally alone with his future looking pretty bleak he will strive to keep Rachel at his level. Rachel of course being the ultimate delusional romantic will be blinded by the gesture and might just go through with it.
    —Luckily Darren Criss and Chris Colfer are such accomplished actors that they can say so much with a look or a touch that compensates for a lack of dialogue or songs.

  13. Oh goody. Brittany looks at Santana, and this ends up getting mentioned in the spoilers as a big moment? It also doesn’t inspire much sympathy for those who complain about Klaine. BTW, the epic “glance” is out on tumblrs.

  14. considering the above spoilers and ‘already married’, my guess is that Finn’s dad comes back and reveals that Carole and Burt’s wedding isn’t legit because Carole never divorced him first. Of course, Finn has his world view completely destroyed upon learning his dad is still alive, hence the emotional scene

  15. I understand feeling like when it comes to representation, the lesbian couple is more comparable to the gay couple, but I think pitting the two against each other kind of overrides the larger point of comparison, which is the queer couples as compared to the straight couples. Like, I don’t want to dismiss that initial comparison, because there are legitimate issues there as well, but I don’t think there’s nothing to complain about when it comes to Kurt and Blaine’s representation either, just because Brittany and Santana’s is worse, you know? Ideally people should be complaining about both based on legitimate issues with queer representation instead of just shipper issues.

  16. I do complain about both to the writers. Not frequently, and phrased as constructively as I can manage. I don’t even ship Brittana, but I do care about how they are presented as a couple on Glee. The sweet baby gays and the lesbians deserve equality with the heterosexual couples.

  17. As a Brit, I find the entire issue of Glee’s homosocial squeamishness endlessly fascinating. We get much stronger stuff served up with our teatime soaps and there’s nothing in Glee that has made me, my very old-fashioned 73-year old Mum or teenage nieces, blink. My Mum’s exposure to queer culture is minimal and her outlook is as conservative and traditional as only a northern working class upbringing could make her, but she loves Kurt so damn much the only thing that concerns her in his relationship is that Blaine is ‘good enough for him. The only negative comment she has ever made [apart from worrying about Blaine being good enough for her Kurt, obviously] was confusion over why the gay boy was singing the flirty Christmas duet with the girl. ‘ My teenage nieces, one 17 and one 14, enjoy everything and everyone on Glee wholeheartedly. They don’t ship Finchel, but they also don’t distinguish between Finchel, Klaine and Brittana as romantic couples.

    Reality being what it is in a depressed-for-decades northern British working class community, Glee is a colourful fairytale to the girls. It’s done in crayon. Even Santana is a fluffy baby. Quinn brushing off Finn and Puck as potential fathers to her baby? The girl getting pregnant to keep the boy leashed to her side is more the speed in our neck of the woods. Finn proposing to Rachel, if that happens, probably won’t even register. If it does, they’ll understand that she’s going to college and Broadway, he’s useless so he’s tying her down so she’ll carry him when she starts to make money. That also, we’re used to. Queer isn’t the only lens of politics Glee is viewed through 🙂

  18. Oh, gosh. Oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh. My 2c:

    Finchel: likely, especially given their parallels to Josh/Lilly in Ryan Murphy’s first show, Popular, who also eloped as teenagers. But also icky and disappointing.

    Klaine: eh… no. That wouldn’t fall in line with RM & co.’s “normalizing” goal at all.

    Puck/Shelby: no. I’m almost positive that’s over. Quinn/Puck would actually be my first guess if they were already back together, but I’m guessing that’ll take another few episodes.

    Sue/Cooter: very likely, and very boring. Not sure how that would create a viable storyline.

    Tina/Mike: doubtful, given that they’ve already had a storyline this season, will have another dealing with college separation, and don’t generally get a lot to do. If it HAD to be a pair of the teenagers, though, they or Klaine might be the most likely to make it work.

    Brittana: doubtful, but I’m almost hoping for it just so we’ll finally get time with them. Almost.

    Finn’s bio parents never officially having been divorced: I think that’s exactly it, knowing that Finn’s emotional scene is connected to news from his Mom. (Without that knowledge, I’d assume the emotion was about college angst.) If it is Finn’s parents, I’ll be glad that teenagers aren’t getting married, but I also can’t say I’ll care too much. Not a fan of Finn or the actor.

    Mercedes/Sam or Mercedes/Shane: fairly likely, given that Mercedes is at the center of some big gossip in the “Summer Nights” number. Of course, Shane is not a singer, to my knowledge, and I suspect the Glee writers want to build up to Sam and Mercedes getting back together. But maybe not…

    Artie/Artie’s New Interest (almost certainly Sugar, but possibly Becky… or Lauren!): Would this throw everyone for a loop, or what?! Doubtful, obvs, but might provide Glee with a much-needed shake-up.

  19. OMG, that would be excellent, and I can’t see how else they’ll keep Rory. Just one problem, too young to get legally married in the US without parental consent.

  20. Knowing that Becky is after Artie makes me wonder if one of the proposals in the ep isn’t Becky proposing to Artie.

  21. I wonder if one of the “proposals” is the one we saw of her approaching him in the promo. That could be clever.

    (If it’s an actual marriage proposal though….)

    Also, if it’s a reference to their conversation in the promo, does that mean this is the one that gets the yes?

    Tuesday, come faster, etc.

  22. Dot Marie Jones has tweeted a behind the scenes pic of her and Jane in their Bridezilla Fantasy costumes. Tumblr CSI has detected the presence of a ring on Bieste’s ring finger. I don’t think Cooter is much of a prize, but in a straight up fight, I’d still rather see Bieste triumph than Sue, so if she had an epiphany in Taco Bell and won exactly what she wanted, good for her.

  23. This is so true. I’m in Ireland, and it’s so, so different. And part of me loves the American shows because of their innocence, but part of me detests it, because part of that innocence is dark and horrible and attempts to relegate my words and life and loves to the realm of not-innocent.

    And I love the television and movies here too. There are so many reasons — because it’s less of a fairy tale, because a gay or trans character isn’t really that big of a deal, and because it makes it look like gay/trans stuff can be just a part of life like everything else and it’s set in a realish world.

    But yeah, I remember years and years ago, when Coronation St introduced Haley — around the same time that Rosie O’Donnell was gushing over Tom Cruise and chatting about her roommate. It’s a big, big pond.

  24. Somehow, I have a feeling it is gonna be Cooter and Bieste. It’s a “safe” alternative to any of the other possible pairings. They really know how to hype it nothing, don’t they?

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