Jane Lynch on Brittana

While some fans have expressed dismay that Brittany and Santana have yet to seal their romance with a kiss, costar Jane Lynch says she thinks the lack of girl-girl action makes sense. “I don’t think Brittany’s in it. I don’t think Brittany’s in love with Santana,” Lynch theorizes. “I think Santana needs a girlfriend. Brittany loves her, but Brittany’s not her girlfriend.”

via Glee Season 3 Spoilers: Klaine, Brittana, Sancedes, More Hot Couples.


15 thoughts on “Jane Lynch on Brittana

  1. you know I’m inclined to agree-simply because I don’t think Heather Morris is in the same league as Naya Rivera acting wise and therefore Santana is the more developed character, there’s a clear imbalance. I’d love it if they parted on really wonderful terms and they introduced someone really amazing for Santana…preferably played by Lily Loveless.

  2. I think she’s right.

    I worry about the message that could potentially be said to give, but not more than I worry about anything else that hasn’t even *happened* yet on the show.

  3. I’ve had an uneasy relationship with Brittana for a long time. Obviously, as a queer person in a female body, I am happy for visibility on television.

    So I’ve felt for a long time that maybe I should get excited, and in some ways, I was. I was happy to see the hot lesbian cheerleaders turn out to have feelings, and to work through them. But Brit is just with Santana because it makes Santana happy and because she happens to be single.

    They are not setting them up as a “love for the ages”. It’s a high school romance, but hopefully we will see someone fall for Santana fully.

  4. You know, I fell in love with Santana this season. For some reason, I never could put my finger on what was nagging me about the whole Brittana relationship. Compared to Klaine, they just don’t seem to fit right. *Somehow, this is all coming out in an unintentional pun-filled manner*

    If Santana were to start dating someone new, Brit strikes me as the type to say “well, as long as you’re happy…oh look, a butterfly”. I’d love to see how that would go if Blaine or Kurt tried that with one another. Strike that, no I don’t (ok, I secretly love angst, so maybe one little Seblaine kiss before Kurt comes in, opens up a can of diva whoop ass, and Klaine is back to normal?)

    That’s the problem with Brittana for me. Klaine is a relationship that is obviously meant to be stable and lasting, and Brittana pales in comparison. Maybe it’s because we haven’t seen much (aka none) of Brit’s mindset on the whole coming out thing, and we haven’t seen much on how it’s affected their so-called “relationship”. It’s easy to forget that Brit’s even involved with Santana’s storyline that way, since she doesn’t seem to be anything more than a catalyst for the whole event.

    If I had to use one word to describe my feelings regarding Brittana and sum up this overlong reply, it would be: convenient. Convenient for Santana that Brit is willing and able to be her launching pad, so to speak. Convenient for Brit, who has someone that really cares for her when half the time she doesn’t seem to know what planet she is on. Convenient for the writers, who were able to dig into a good, complex storyline with little effort in regards to back story.

  5. I really, really want to see Santana pursued by someone who is in love with her. I just wonder is there enough time, really, to get her from where she is now, to where she needs to be for that?

  6. Why does Santana need to be in a relationship at all? Why not date a few girls, get a handle on what her sexuality means to her, and focus her energies on a productive senior year and post graduation plans? This OTP stuff has always bothered me; don’t kids just date any more?

  7. North Sky, since the writers are trying to prevent making gay relationships seem promiscuous, I think Brittana might just be it. Plus, a new relationship would probably involve more character development than I think they can coherently pack into what time they have.
    I would almost rather them put a little work into making Brittana look legit than to ruin it with some rushed bs they came up with while coming down from a red bull high. Of course, they did do a wonderful job, imho, with Klaine initially. It remains to be seen, but I just fully expect to remain disappointed.

    Also, it would seem strange that Kurt is the only gay guy around (not counting Karofsky since he was never coming close to opening the closet door when he was around and then he moved) for quiet a distance, but lesbian/bi/questioning women would suddenly be falling out the woodwork to get some Santana loving? I agree with the pairing off thing, since sometimes it looks like they are trying too forcefully to get people in the group together and then create the drama out of it. I think we are looking at it from an adult perspective of “take your time to figure yourself out and then add someone special into the mix”, but most teenagers (especially teenagers like those reflected in the show) have a hard time separating themselves from other peers they are really close to.

  8. Like a lot of comments above I always feel like I should be more invested in this pairing than I am. Which is odd because I am so invested in the characters individually.

    Personal opinion, I think Brittany loves Santana and is involved with her because she knows it makes Santana happy, and hey maybe she’s just trying to see if it will make her happy too.

    I always got the feeling that there was more even ground emotionally between Brittany and Artie. They both wanted one another as much as the other did. Maybe it’s because Artie was the first person she dated to talk about feelings,call it a relationship and have it go longer then a few days (Kurt was nice, but that lasted…two days? Maybe?)I have no idea, but all the way back in Duets I remember thinking “Oh Santana. Some of Brittany’s devotion to you just shattered, and I don’t think it’s something you’re going to get back. Something here just shifted.”

  9. Lele, Not saying that queer girls would start raining down on Santana, but dating a couple of different girls over a semester isn’t exactly promiscuous. Besides, there’s that all-girls school down the road …

    What I was trying to get at was the meme that there isn’t enough time to develop a new girlfriend for Santana. She doesn’t really need a new relationship, is my point. But this show’s insistence that it be some whack job version of Noah’s ark makes that point just so much typing in cyberspace.

  10. I’m disappointed that she said that. I love Brittana, though their treatment this season has been awful. I thought Season 2 built their getting together way up, and now, the relationship seems tepid both because they’re being ignored and because Heather Morris seems to have checked out of the show emotionally. Add to that: Ryan Murphy’s insistence that none of the couples would break up (what, do the queer ladies not count?), and the show’s crappy biphobia, and a breakup could be devastating.

    And “Brittany’s not her girlfriend”? Uh… she IS, actually, despite what feelings are or aren’t there. Respect, please, Jane.

    Re: the TV Line link, though, I’m most interested in the revelation that Artie is getting with “a current cast member, she’s not a series regular.” If Artie’s not getting with Quinn, that makes me even more sure that Quinn/Puck is on its way back. As for the mystery lady, it has to be Sugar, given that they’d be *the only New Directions members left,* but I’m hoping it’s Lauren. Bring back Zizes!

  11. Its bcuz Naya & Heather are friends in real life…maybe dats why the writers dnt want to make it awkward for em. But the truth is I really do believe dat the writers dnt knw wat to do for this coupling. Its almost as if they giv us these lil shots of them..to keep they’re story going. I’m mean I REALLY REALLY like em as a couple but damn the storyline needs to be better.. I completely understand Jane Lynch’s POV. I AGREE.

  12. “whack job version of Noah’s ark” <—-that may be one of my favorite quotes in reference to this show. So very true.

  13. (I realize that this comment is coming way after Jane’s opinion became known, but I feel that Brittany–even *now*, more than halfway through S3–is still sitting stagnant.)

    “I thought Season 2 built their getting together way up, and now, the relationship seems tepid both because they’re being ignored and because Heather Morris seems to have checked out of the show emotionally.”

    This. When you think about it, Brittana have had the most drawn-out and developed arc of all the couples (besides Finchel) on the show. I mean, doesn’t anyone remember that Brittany asked Santana to sing a duet with her? Don’t they remember Brittany wanting to ask her to prom on Fondue for Two? They were set up to be a great couple, each ready to be with the other at different moments, until finally Santana accepts that she’s gay and finally Brittany is single and finally they get together and then…the writers seem to forget them.

    I think that HeMo’s “checking out” of the show may have more to do with the fact that the writers seem to have no idea how to write her and subsequently give her very few lines to with which to work. Although, I do think that she seems rather spaced out in a few key (dialogueless) scenes with Naya, which fans have interpreted as Brittany’s lack of interest in the relationship. S2-Brittany had emotional clarity and was invested in the Brittana relationship (when Falchuck was writing her, mostly), but S3-Brittany seems to be either reduced to a childlike mentality or otherwise ignored. It doesn’t help that Brittany had *zero* say in the episodes surrounding Santana’s outing, which I find to be an inexcusable oversight (or conscious decision?) on the part of the writers.

    I’m glad that the writers gave us some solid love from Brittany in the Valentine’s Day episode, but still–a conversation between the two girls would be nice to solidify their relationship in the eyes of the fans. I’m looking forward to the long-awaited return to Santana’s story line as well.

  14. Brittana are in love with each other. Kurt loves Blaine. Blaine loves the attention Kurt gives him.

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