Irish Central writer has “had it” with Glee’s leprechaun storyline

I’ve had it with ‘Glee’ and the leprechaun.

The Fox TV top rated series ‘jumped the shark’ last night when Heather, the cheerleader, really thought that new Irish exchange student Damian McGinty was a leprechaun.

Worse, she was the only one who could see him.

And he was looking for a pot o’ gold.

And he had to sing ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green” by that well-known composer giant Kermit the frog.

Heavens preserve us dear reader.

Yes,that was the plot line.

This is supposedly an adult drama.

But I have no faith in begorrah b***s***.

I know a show like that will deal in stereotypes.

But it was downright insulting for any Irish American watching to see this nonsense passing as a representation of the Irish.

via Irish Central

Blogged with only these comments:

1. This is what happens, kids, when you don’t really pay attention or proofreaders.

2. I’m still trying to figure out what was offensive about it. He wasn’t drunk or throwing grenades, or being lazy or blindly religious. He wasn’t comforming to the most harmful and annoying of stereotypes about the Irish. His accent is his own. He used folklore to his own advantage. From where I sit, in Ireland, Rory is smart, friendly, interesting and totally hilarious.

3. Kermit the Frog is my hero. Fuck you, Irish Central.


9 thoughts on “Irish Central writer has “had it” with Glee’s leprechaun storyline

  1. Ok, whoever wrote that article clearly doesn’t actually watch Glee because they can’t even keep actor and character names straight. And had they watched more than a few minutes of it, they’d have realized that the whole leprechaun thing was perpetuated by Rory so that he could get at Brittany’s “Pot o’ Gold” (if someone wanted to complain about that little plot device they’d have more grounds for complaint). So whatever. Done with that.

    I’m more enjoying your comments. Especially point #3. Kermit rulez. Irish Central sux. 😀

  2. I mean come on from everything we know about Miss Britt she ‘would’ believe he was a leprechaun it’s totally within character and we only have to put up with him for six more eps.
    Though I find this whole character and storyline kind of a snag in what has been an otherwise excellent and smooth season. If they wanted new blood surely broadway star Grant Gustin could suffice in his role as Sebastian, he could sing rainbows (pardon the pun) around this talent show kid. Though am a total fan of the greaser 50’s look-go costume department. and West Side Story is set in the the 50’s-Glee is being very shrewd.

  3. I am thinking this is someone who does not watch Glee and tuned in because they were excited about Damian/Irish star being featured.

  4. Isn’t this exactly what Glee does anyway? Take character. Focus only on the visible characteristic that makes them different form others (Gay kid. Asian girl. Kid in wheelchair). Now flesh out to show they’ve got souls/personalities. Repeat.

  5. It is, but even looking at it on a surface level, I cannot see where the offense is taken. My (actually, not ancestrally or otherwise) Irish wife was very apprehensive about this episode when she’d seen the episode stills, but she was fine with it once she’d seen why he was dressed in green and how the writers treated it.

  6. //The Fox TV top rated series ‘jumped the shark’ last night when Heather, the cheerleader, really thought that new Irish exchange student Damian McGinty was a leprechaun.//

    So the lazy black girl/overworked overachiever Asian kid in Asian F was totes acceptable to this guy, but Brittany thinking Rory was a leprachaun was a step too far? Okay, then.

  7. Personally I hated it. It was cringe worthy. Also his accent was dialed up a notch and a half. You can hear it if you listen for it. He was so overdone. He could have been overdone and it could have been good, like a cheeky chappy Colin Farrell kinda lad. I thought the Irishness was dialed up to 11 and it didn’t suit. He got crappy songs and he was old fashioned Leprachaun cringey. That’s just me though.

  8. His accent was dialed up with he was talking to Brittany. I think it was pretty normal the rest of the time. That said, my knowledge of Derry accents isn’t amazing.

    I’m not sure it was meant to suit. But it depends how you read Glee.

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