Who says what now?

Here are my guesses:

Some of the Best Lines…Can You Guess Who Says ‘Em?

“You’re super hot.”

I want it to be Blaine to Kurt, but I’m suspecting it’s Sebastian to Blaine. 

“It was like being smothered by a sack of potatoes that someone covered in body spray.”

Santana re: Finn

“I’m what they call a bear cub.”


“Hey, Kurt, let’s just do it.”

Rachel. or Blaine. Sometimes it’s hard to tell those two apart. 

“You take my breath away.”

Oh man, would Kurt really say this? No. Blaine totally would. Cheeseball. 

“I’m going to give you something that no one else is going to get.”

This has to be Rachel over-glorifying her virginity. 

“He didn’t want me.”


via Holy Glee Sex Riot! You Won’t Believe the Hotness (and Sweetness) of Next Week’s “First Time” – E! Online.


3 thoughts on “Who says what now?

  1. Ooh! Good one on the last one! I was thinking that was going to be Sebastian. But I think you’re right re: Finn. His “heartbreak” is going to be that the scout doesn’t want him. NICELY DONE!

    “Super hot” could also be Finn, I think. Since we know that “Sex on a stick” is Sebastian, “super hot” might not quite be enough for Sebastian’s standards. *snort*

    Fully agreed on the rest.

  2. DAVE. DAVE DAVE DAVE DAVE!!!!!!! All my heart is Dave’s next week. The 45 seconds (guessing) we get with him are going to be sun and air for me. I don’t even understand my feelings about this anymore. It’s not even remotely Kurtofsky-related: it’s all DAVE.

  3. “Rachel. or Blaine. Sometimes it’s hard to tell those two apart.”

    *laughs* Okay, good, I’m not the only one who notices that.

    Bear cub = Dave: I love this thought. And I love Max. Oh, Dave.

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