Will Blaine take the role of Tony?

What does everyone think?

Are these upcoming flowers an apology?

Or will he decline to audition for the role out of devotion to Kurt? And what would you want to have happen?

And what will Kurt do? Are Kurt’s ambitions more important than his boyfriend?


14 thoughts on “Will Blaine take the role of Tony?

  1. I very much hope that he takes the part, with Kurt’s encouragement; anything else would mean a character regression for Kurt, who has shown constant growth throughout the last season. Also, we were hoping for a positive, equal relationship between the two; now that they’ve retconned Blaine as a Junior, they shouldn’t show him giving and Kurt taking all the time, especially since this isn’t at all like the relationship they built up in season 2.

    But when has realism and continuity been a factor in the show…!

  2. I was daydreaming today that those flowers are given by Blaine when he breaks the news to Kurt that he’s going back to Dalton… Because, as it turns out, they are actually more in competition and conflict with one another when they walk the same halls.

    But that’s just mean dreaming. Not that I don’t like Blaine, I just haven’t seen much reason for him to be at WMHS (no classes together, barely any SCENES together!).

    We also don’t know for sure that Blaine is giving Kurt the flowers, here. Could be the other way around (though more in keeping with Blaine’s character, I think, if he is presenting).

  3. I really hope Blaine takes the part…not really a fan of Kurt, I don’t like that much show tunage hahaha. But LOVE BLAINE!!!! Hope Kurt is supporitve!! 🙂

  4. I really hope that the flowers are being given to Blaine from Kurt in an “I blew up over this, but I thought about it and I want you to take it” scene because during booty camp seeing all of the emotions that ran across Kurt’s face when he said “You’d make a great Tony…..um…wow…you’d make a perfect Tony” was very interesting. I think him seeing Blaine audition just really nailed that point home to him, and it devastated him because while Blaine may have been able to chase a lot of his worries away with saying that he didn’t even want Tony (lie) this was reality hitting him in the face.

    I don’t think Blaine is going to take it though…..not for any kind of noble reason (though he does love Kurt), but as you mentioned “because Blaine wants Kurt to love him so badly that nothing else matters”

  5. Since it’ll suck for Kurt if Blaine is offered the part whether Blaine accepts it or not, I kind of hope they cast Mike Chang or something, lol.

    /If/ Blaine was truly not auditioning for Tony as he told Kurt, then I wish he had not undermined that gesture by auditioning with one of Tony’s songs. If he wants the part, he could just be open and honest about auditioning for the part.

  6. Oh! Do you think that might be what that future episode-title refers to? /That/ would be a Glee-esque title interpretation. Hm…!

  7. The saner element over at Tumblr are excited at the thought that perhaps Blaine will get Tony, and Kurt will be Riff… but surely this is far too reasonable a solution to actually take place?!

  8. Beautiful; I congratulate you! The theory is that the swinging on poles was foreshadowing, because Riff does that in the movie version; the question is whether Glee is clever enough to have done this intentionally!

  9. “the question is whether Glee is clever enough to have done this intentionally!”

    Pretty sure that if some teenaged fans on the internet thought of it, the professional writers probably did too.

  10. That was my thought exactly, Blaine is kind of a spotlight hog and he has this habit of hurting people (especially Kurt) without even realizing it.

    Honestly though I really dislike Blaine, his character is kind of bland and making him a main character is a HUGE mistake, he just isn’t made for it….

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