Unicorns, ducks and Tony

“I’m tired of being a unicorn, Dad.”

I’m so interested in Kurt’s ducks. Last episode, he wore an airplane and in this, he’s wearing a pair of ducks. I think the pair part is probably important. They’re great visuals for Kurt to wear — from the transition symbol of a migratory duck to the very masculine flashiness of birds in general. I wonder if Kurt has thought about that — that if he was a bird, he’d be the best male bird ever?

I’m interested too in Shelby’s purple ensemble (aren’t we a bit late with that?) and Rachel’s barely lavender dress, because that seems like they’re a tad behind the times. Purple was last week, ladies.

I love that Blaine was dressed like a mime. Why?

And I love that when Kurt was telling Brittany that her posters were too gay, he had designed a poster that exuded masculinity… if it was the 1940s. In today’s world, his poster is equally as queer (for a high school student anyway) as Brittany’s unicorn, rainbow and glitter. Oh, and was I the only one saying “Klainebow” in my head? Yeah? Ok. The less said about the bulging pink funsack, the better, really.

The toothpick arms comment was artful. It was a throwaway kind of thing but I think it was intentionally wrong. Chris Colfer (and Kurt) does not have toothpick arms. His arms are muscular (although long muscular) and defined. But when people decide something about you, they decide you fit the whole thing. Is Kurt effeminate? Yes. Is he weak and “girly”? No, not at all. But that doesn’t stop people giving him those attributes even if they are totally untrue. And it was sad that Beiste was a part of this, but also very very true that she was.

Also, Sugar once again demonstrated that stereotypical Asperger’s behaviour of spontaneous physical affection with strangers.

And let’s talk about Tony. Kurt makes it clear to Blaine that he wants the male lead of West Side Story. Blaine concedes, of course, because it’s Kurt’s senior year and because Blaine wants Kurt to love him so badly that nothing else matters, and I’m sure this is an issue that will be revisited at some point. But we’re left with a cliffhanger. First off, we know — and Kurt does too, somewhere in the back of his mind — that they will never give him the role of Tony.

But Kurt has issues. Kurt has decided he wants to be an actor. Which means he wishes he looked more generic-handsome so he could play romantic lead roles, like Tony. And this brings him back to the same things he’s worried about always — why he isn’t more boy than he is. Kurt never really has a problem with it more than he has a problem with how everyone else has a problem with it. He’s happy as he is, and if there were a hundred male lead roles looking for a subtle, blue-eyed, counter-tenor, he wouldn’t have an issue either. But the world is as it is, and Kurt has issues.

The people who love him are puzzled. Why would a guy so amazing (a unicorn!) want to be different? Brittany wonders why he wouldn’t shout his fabulous queerness from the rooftops. Father of the Year tells him there’s nothing wrong with being not-Rock-Hudson-gay, but, apparently, Willy Wonka gay. Oh Dad, ouch.

Shelby uses her child as blackmail to convince Quinn to bleach her hair and wear pretty dresses again. YAfuckingWN.

I wasn’t going to say it, but I’m starving and I’ve been working my ass off and my blood sugar is at an all time low. And yeah, I’m using hypoglycaemia as an excuse for fangirling.

Kurt’s audition was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. What the fuck can that boy not do? I loved it all. All of it. I also want those gloves.

Also, how disgusted am I that we didn’t see Kurt in coveralls with a grease smear on his nose? Greasemonkey!Kurt please!


3 thoughts on “Unicorns, ducks and Tony

  1. But we were given the awesome fact that Kurt DOES work there sometimes, when he wants money or a talk. And he didn’t seem uncomfortable with all of the “ick” of a garage, so we’re getting somewhere.

    I’m going to go rewatch the show now, in hopes of being more impressed with the TGS number. I’m glad other people were more into it and I’m just being fussy.

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