Big Spoiler Chat: Episode 3×05 “The First Time”

HUGE Spoilers ahead. Do not proceed unless you’re happy to know what may or may not happen in the months ahead. The source is reliable — TVLine’s Michael Ausiello, whereas earlier spoilers are a tad lot sketchier.

Spoilers start now.

Question: It definitely seems like Episode 5 will have a few Finchel scenes. Is there anything you could tell us about that? —Sussi

Ausiello: That’s the understatement of the decade, Sussi. While next week’s “Asian F” showcases Mercedes and Mike like never before, the Nov. 8 episode puts Rachel and Kurt — and their respective relationships with Finn and Blaine — front and center. In a big, big way. How big we talking? Well, according to a Glee insider, Episode 5 finds the Wicked BFFs both losing their virginity. Appropriately, the title of the ep is “The First Time.”

via Glee-Themed Ask Ausiello With Scoop on Asian F and Episode 5 – TVLine.

Earlier spoilers from unnamed sources included Kurt encountering Karofsky at a gay bar (fake IDs abound). Also, that Dalton’s new gay boy (rumoured to be gay Hogwarts’ answer to Santana) will be there. There was some talk of Blaine getting more handsy then Kurt was comfortable with — so this new (and more reliable spoiler comes as a surprise.)

How do you think it all fits together? Also, what will Glee classify as sex for Klaine? Or will they gloss over that question altogether?

Tumblr already has a lively conversation about who’s going to be the top. Also, Tumblr is currently full of porn. You may want to keep your distance for a while. Let’s chat.

Check out the tweets from Kurzel who was watching them film the “outside the gay bar” scene.


16 thoughts on “Big Spoiler Chat: Episode 3×05 “The First Time”

  1. Isn’t it funny how they say Rachel and Kurt lose their virginity? We know Finn lost his V card to Santana in Season 1.

    So Blaine…? (And yes, I’m going to assume it’s Blaine + Kurt, much as I am loathe to do so).

    I was wondering what they would define as “sex” and virginity. I’ve seen fanfic that puts loss of virginity down to a hand job, and yet for Rachel, we know it means intercourse. Maybe there will be some serious discussion of this topic, I wonder? It is something het mainstream is CLUELESS about…

  2. I find virginity such a ridiculous topic, and yet I’m fascinated by it. My own experiences are confusing and impossible to define in that respect (and I was hopelessly fixated on it as a concept when I was a– religious — teenager) so I’m always interested in how people define it. How Kurt and Blaine (individually and as a couple) define it would be interesting, but my money is on Glee glossing over that altogether.

    I’m doubting they’ll go down the road of Blaine being experienced… but I suppose it’s possible.

    And hey, take heart. Tumblr’s floating the idea that it’s Kurt and Rachel, you know, together.

  3. OMG. Now THAT would be heartbreaking and painful for me. I can see how Rachel wouldn’t want to give her V to Finn, since he blew his on Santana, but Kurt???

    I don’t care how pissed he is at Drunk!Blaine, he’s never going to fuck the girl who LAUGHED IN HIS FACE onstage when he tried to kiss her and french kissed the boy he liked in front of him. No way.

    Besides, that ship has sailed: if Kurt were going to fool around with a girl, he would have done it before he had a boyfriend.

  4. by this:

    Besides, that ship has sailed: if Kurt were going to fool around with a girl, he would have done it before he had a boyfriend.

    You are confirming that Kurt is so much less of a mess than I was… in my twenties. 😉

    But yeah, I think we can be pretty sure that Blaine’s the lucky person in Kurt’s “First Time”.

  5. In terms of tumblr speculation about who will top, I somehow doubt that Glee will get explicit enough for us to ever know.

  6. Although I could actually see them working in some throwaway line that contains a double entendre that absolutely nobody outside the gay community would get or something. Maybe.

  7. I have been chewing on this for a few days because definitions of viriginity fascinate me (might have to do with being married for 7 years and many people would say my wife is a virgin because she has never had PIV intercourse).

    Kurt and Blaine can define sex any way they want and most of us won’t really wouldn’t question (except for the elements of fandom that insist that gay sex Must Be All Anal All the Time…sigh, the bizarre heteronormativity; it burns). Rachel, on the other hand, has some interesting reasons to not define sex as PIV, and unfortunately probably won’t. Rachel grew up with two dads so I am guessing she had a more inclusive sex ed, so a more inclusive definition would not be a foreign concept to her. Additionally, one of the most terrifying risks of PIV, to Rachel anyway, would be pregnancy (it would tie her to Ohio). Something, that can be avoided more readily by not having PIV.

  8. I actually suspect we will get a random double entendre of this nature, but I suspect it will happen many episodes down the road when this topic has mostly resolved itself into background noise.

  9. And Rachel is sometimes mature in discussions about sex. I suddenly wonder if there will be a convo between her and Kurt where, god help us, she’s the voice of perspective. He’s so pissed at her lately though, and rightfully so, that I sort of doubt it. A shame, because it would have been an interesting opportunity.

  10. Yeah, I kind of miss the Rachel who joined the Celibacy Club and then mutinied. It’s one area of her life where she does seem to make good decisions. Let’s hope that continues.

  11. Ok so Finchel will be in front of a fire;big ups to Glee for symbolism and leaving it to the imagination but what are the bets that they shoot the klaine scene through a misty car window splattered with rain. Here’s how I’d write it-In Blaine’s dressing room after opening night and they’re reflected in dozens of mirrors in full light and Kurt asks that he put on his Dalton blazer.

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  13. i agree. it will be sad if there is a double standard. though i think because its glee you shouldnt expect a full on sex scene. but.. the point of the klaine storyline is to spot light a gay teen couple to be as normal as a straight couple. i realize that fox as well as many parent groups , and censors are pouncing as we speak. there is a way to highlight klaine to be as romantic and as explicit as finchel. the problem i am seeing is if glee does resort to showing the scene in the car as the prominent scene it will demean the importance of the storyline. it will show that sex is unromantic and dirty for gay teens and yet if your straight theres soft music and candlelight.. the show has got to take the chance to spotlight both couple in fair light. the fact that in a year klaine has kissed once and touch shoulders is unrealistic. i am assuming due to the klaine story the show has moved the time to a later one. we all know we have seen bedroom scene before on glee at primetime. its sad they due to the gay theme things need to be changed. i am hoping that both couples share in a meaningful, beautiful, and realistic encounter, that will mean something to the show, their characters, but mostly their teen fans. , my biggest hope is that parents will sit down and watch with their teens and have the opportunity to talk about the episode.

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