Mind Blown: Kurt’s tail (accessory)

Thanks to the lovely people on Tumblr, I have now rewatched Duets to find where Kurt wore this fascinating accessory before.

Is Kurt a furry? Is Kitty!Kurt becoming canon? Am I simply desperately behind the times when it comes to fashion accessories?

(Nov 18/2011) I have decided that, instead of creating new posts, I’m just going to keep updating this one with new photos. 

Kurt in New York with tail

New York 2.22


Duets 2.04

Asian F 3.03

I Kissed a Girl 3.07 (production still/not in episode)

I Kissed a Girl 3.07

Fox Tail

The Makeover 4.03



23 thoughts on “Mind Blown: Kurt’s tail (accessory)

  1. Kurt Hummel is awesome.
    That’s my only reason for everything ever.

    Also, how can he look so amazing in that outfit that would make anyone else look like an idiot. (Yes, that’s rhetorical, and I think the answer is that Chris Colfer is awesome.)

    I tails were a big thing a few years back at the renaissance-esque festivals, but Kurt is the anti-renaissance-festival-type, so no clues there. I posed the question to gleestyle, so we’ll see if anyone has other ideas.

    (I’m shocked I can even write without all caps on this tail topic, so please feel honored that I’m attempting to appear intelligent while commenting on your blog.)

  2. Hahahaha, I might actually be able to, although not today (I’m still running on very little sleep at an academic conference, and that I was able to do the flying monkey thing under these circumstances was startling enough).

    But wow, it makes me so much less like “WHAT IS WITH FANDOM” with all the morphing animal pack porn stuff that I just don’t get and seems to be everywhere lately. Oh canon, why do you feed us this stuff?

    Anyway, I’ll noodle on it, and if I come up with something, write about it. But I think I’ve already got a couple of ideas.

  3. Well, to be honest it looks more like a fox tail than a cat tail to me, and Kurt is rather fox like. He’s swift, he’s clever, he’s vicious when the need arises, he’s cunning, and not to mention attractive.

    I mean if we were going to go all Golden Compass soul/spirit animal…I’d probably give Kurt a fox. (Um, if that reference doesn’t make sense I will explain.)

  4. Definitely a fox tail.

    I need to go back and watch the scenes where he’s wearing that thing to see if there’s any sort of common context.

    I’m now like “wow, I wish someone would write one of these animal fics that was good,” which is a thought that startles no one more than me. This seems to be the fandom that makes me read shit I would normally never read (I’m looking at you, wingfic).

  5. Oh hey, passing thought that I’ll include in whatever thing — interesting that Kurt both wears the tail (making himself an animal) and has that collection of “dead” animal brooches. I’m just saying. Issues there. Yes. Also, master of death stuff. Yes yes.

  6. (aside: It is entirely your fault *cough* that I got sucked into that wingfic. OMG. What? Seriously. That said, I completely dissociated from Glee about 2 chapters into the second part. But I digress…)

    I just scanned through Duets and the tail is clipped to a belt loop right at the side of the waistband (decidedly not the back) of his jeans with a very large brass carabiner type clip. It’s quite the outfit all around… studded christmas button-down, skinny black jeans, foxtail accessory, leather messenger bag. Wow.

    And the NY outfit is this totally french army-esque do so when you add in the tail… Honestly, my brain kind of wants to explode.

    I would KILL to have coffee with the show’s costume designer right about now! Between this, the flying monkey suit and subsequent emerald city/Oz outfit… I’m honestly thinking that someone could write a doctoral dissertation about the significance of Kurt’s wardrobe!

  7. Oh sigh. The mounted safari animal brooches! I adore those. And then there’s the skull brooch made of either bone or horn or (and I so wouldn’t put this past Kurt to justify it by saying “it’s vintage!”) ivory.

    Ok, I think I need to talk to the costume designer now.

  8. Also, here’s the kid who never wins the awards despite having arguably the most outstanding voice. So he covers himself in trophies (the skull, the mounted animal brooches, the tail).

  9. Jesus. You’re just too f’ing smart! And I went to a silly school with a fancy name (in the city you’re in, incidentally) so I’ve been around intimidatingly smart people and don’t bandy that phrase about a lot.

    They’re not just any mounted animals either (a mounted deer would not be socially incompatible with Lima, OH)… they’re safari animals.

    And it’s a silver fox tail, not the easily recognizable russet fur.

    Ok woah… just did a cursory Google dig for silver fox mythology/symbolism and this popped up:

    Silver Fox and Coyote: Silver Fox and Coyote are the culture heroes of the Miwok and other Northern California tribes. Together they create the world and teach the people how to live. Although both are creators, Silver Fox is the more serious and wise of the two, while Coyote is more of a trickster and prone to make frivolous decisions based on whims, hunger, or interest in women. Both creators are male in some tribal traditions, but in Miwok mythology, Silver Fox is portrayed as female.

  10. For comprehensiveness’ sake, the less-meta, more-couture angle, via ikkiuchi at gleestyle:

    Tails were all the rage a while back. At that time I followed Japanese fashion closely and tails were definitely (and still is to some extent except Japanese girls wear…”fur balls” and short, round tails) the “it” accessory in Japan this fall/winter. I’m not too up to date with western male fashion but hopefully someone can fill you in.
    He wore the same tail in Duets. Unfortunately it is real foxtail fur.

  11. Holy hell on that silver fox find, especially re: gender.

    I generally ascribe lots of stuff in Glee, even when it feels this precisely structured to happy accident and collective unconscious, but this… that’s one hell of an accident.

  12. Just waking up over here on the other side of the world. Can I just say how awesome it is that I can stand there and point, and say “What the ever loving fuck?” and go to sleep and wake up to find all this?

    You guys win the internet. Seriously.

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