Blaine: a “predatory gay”? WHAT?

Oh Tumblr. Sometimes you are really useful and I find all the clips of shows and interviews that I’ve missed.

Other times, you are positively crazy making.


What? No. Someone, please explain? Are they joking?



10 thoughts on “Blaine: a “predatory gay”? WHAT?

  1. Maybe they’re just a Blaine hater, wishful thinking? I don’t see ANY sign that he is predatory or sneaky, though I also wish he were, so that I would have an excuse for the antipathy I feel towards him…

  2. I think I’ve already established that I HATE that phrase so I won’t go into it yet again, but I don’t see how the definitely could apply to Blaine – doesn’t it refer to being predatory toward people who identify as straight? If the GAP guy were straight, or if the GAP guy were not years older/wiser/ clearly not under power of Blaine, and if Kurt wasn’t crushing on him for weeks or months before Blaine makes any move whatsoever, I might see some case, but none of those things are true.
    Sometimes strong charisma can seem overpowering – maybe that’s it.

  3. lol yeah I’m pretty sure that you can’t label everyone who is charming as “predatory”. To me, it wouldn’t be that the object has to be straight, but has to be less powerful in some important way. Like a lot younger, or in some way under the authority of the predator.

    I mean, yes, that song was a terrible choice (I — incidentally — LOVE that Blaine makes terrible song choices) and it’s terribly offensive and not at all charming, but none of those things make him a predator. It makes him really bad at romance. Which he cops to, himself, actually.

    If he was a predator, he would have been a lot more eager to get it on with Kurt, just because he could and because he did have some power over Kurt for a long time.

  4. haha, totally – should have clarified, just added that as an aside as I ran out the door. I don’t think *myself* that charisma/charm=predatory, but I do think that especially when you’re relatively young, as I think many tumblr-users are, extreme charm can feel extremely overwhelming/overpowering. I know it did for me when I was growing up, like I would have a hard time saying no, not because of lack of actual power in a situation, but because of feeling overwhelmed by someone showing extreme interest and confidence. The positive aspect of this feeling could be seen in the number of people who think Blaine is (literally) irresistible, and the negative side would be, for people who don’t like him, that they think he is abusing his charm, being overly confident, being overly forward, etc., and they thus label it as predatory, when in reality, it’s confidence.

    (My own issues, you are seeing them, lol – it took me many years to realize I had just as much power in interpersonal relationships as the other person, as obvious as it seems now that I write that in black and white.)

  5. I can see how you can construct an argument for this through a very selective reading (Blaine’s convo with Burt + the Jeremiah thing + knowing Kurt was a spy but being all “hey new kid” and playing along and singing “Teenage Dream” to him).

    But, without even getting into the “predatory gay” phrasing, I am so over people’s hatred of Blaine in this fandom. I mean, even if that’s sort of how I got into this fandom. Not to your taste as a character, performer or object of desire? AOK. But the whole thing where people are aggressive in their dislike of him because he gets attention and goes after what he wants? Sort of embarrassing and very much a problem fandom insists on having both intra- and extradiegetically over and over again. People doing stuff = evil in the eyes of parts of fandom, whether they’re fictional or not. Tiring, tiring crap.

  6. I’m pretty sure it’s just a smush of Sue’s hatred of “sneaky gays” and Sandy Ryerson’s self-characterization as “predatory gay”, not an actual commentary on the character.

  7. I can’t imagine Blaine as predatory even though I hate him… Although talking to Kurt’s dad about sex was really creepy.

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