Mind Blown: Kurt Elizabeth Hummel

I guess it’s true that you can only notice so much. And while I’ve certainly seen it around the internet “Kurt Elizabeth Hummel”, I was convinced that it was fanon (something constructed in the fan community that was so popular it gained wide acceptance but still was not part of canon, ie, what is actually in the show). But it’s not. It’s in Duets (episode 2.04), about 37 minutes in.

Kurt, himself, writes this. He gives himself the middle name Elizabeth. I can’t, for the life of me, imagine that it’s actually his middle name. I mean, where I live, sometimes men do have oddly feminine middle names because of religion and stuff, but I’m less sure that happens in America.

Thoughts on where this came from guys?


11 thoughts on “Mind Blown: Kurt Elizabeth Hummel

  1. I’ve found that on various fan sites, but never any kind of citation (well, you know what I mean) for it. Again, doesn’t mean the fact isn’t canon, because I only just found this one!

  2. Oh, I’m not saying it’s canon (though it wouldn’t surprise me if Ryan Murphy or Brad Falchuk were to confirm it). It’s just the explanation that makes perfect sense. He clearly has such reverence for his mother. And taking her name would be a way of keeping a piece of her with him as part of his identity. So when I say I’m quite certain, what I really mean is that no other explanation would be satisfactory in my opinion. đŸ˜€

  3. I’ve also heard that is may be a reference to Julie Andrews, star of Victor/Victoria, who was born Julia Elizabeth Wells.

  4. I thought it was fanon too. Now I have to wonder if it’s his mother’s name or as noted above the Julie Andrews reference, which makes sense in that episode and in general. The other option is that it really is a horrible family name moment, as I do know people who have middle names that run counter to their sex/gender because of wacky family things. Mostly girls with boys’ middle names; but a few boys with girls’ middle names.

    Regardless, it’s damn adorable.

  5. Your guesses are as good as mine, but all I can think of is “Roger Elizabeth Debis”, the gay director in the
    Mel Brooks musical, the producers. I doubt that Kurt would have got it from there, but maybe one of the writers did?

  6. I love that interview, but actually he was talking about his grandmother’s character/Julie Andrews when he suggested the name Elizabeth.

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