Can “Glee” be saved?

And the “Rocky Horror” tribute was a disaster. The concept seemed tailor-made for “Glee” — at least I thought so! — but the execution lacked vision and guts. A big part of what made the original “Rocky Horror” exciting was that it seemed blissfully unconcerned with what anybody thought of it. But the “Glee” episode itself was neutered by network content restrictions and the producers’ skittishness, even more severely than Will’s proposed high school version, was neutered by Sue Sylvester’s prudishness. (Plus, Kurt should have played Dr. Frank N. Furter — you know he would have killed! — and Meatloaf, who had a one-scene, non-singing cameo in the episode, should have sung Meatloaf’s songs, not John Stamos.)

via Can “Glee” be saved? – Glee –

The author — Matt Zoller Seitz — writes so much sense in the article above and in his more recent piece about the genius that is Chris Colfer.


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