Bisexuality and Glee: Brittany and Santana

This is part 2. In part 1, we talked about Blaine and his exploration of his possible bisexuality.

Now, for Santana, who has definitely had sex with both girls and boys in the show, but BUT who The Powers That Be have said is a lesbian.

This is going to be a bit personal for me, because I have found her journey to finding out she’s gay has been rather similar to mine, and for me, very believable.

Yes, she has been with a lot of guys. Not all lesbians are gold stars. There are a lot of reasons a young lesbian might be promiscuous with men. She may feel a need to prove her heterosexuality. She may just feel like there’s something she’s missing, since everyone else seems to be a lot more excited about this sex stuff than she is. Whatever the reasons, it happens all the time. I’m really excited to see how her story evolves.

Now, on to Brittany, who is the only really bisexual character on Glee. First, yes, she is pretty free and easy about the whole sex thing, so yes, we have a stereotype there. Not only does the bisexual have no gender boundaries, but she has no standards either. Then again, they made the angry girl a lesbian and the gay boy loves fashion.

The problem with Brittany is that she’s not about an awful lot else. We know she’s a bit naive, sexually uninhibited and not the brightest. So interestingly, in Brittany, bisexuality is almost presented as a natural default for a person who is largely unschooled byt the world.

I’m kind of neutral on whether that’s a good or a bad or just a thing. What do you think?


6 thoughts on “Bisexuality and Glee: Brittany and Santana

  1. I’m not sure how I feel about Brittany either… I want there to be bisexual representation and visibility on the show, so I’m glad there is and I love Brittany. But it’s almost as if Brittany is bi because “she doesn’t know any better”. To the more intellectual we can observe that despite why it is, Brittany isn’t a slave to social constructs and that’s awesome. But to the Middle American, they could totally dismiss the message because “oh Brittany is dense anyway” …not sure how I feel about it.

    For Santana… I don’t think my friends/parents understand my fascination with Glee and why Santana is my favorite because in their eyes I’m straight. And I’ve never been with a woman, but I believe I could and it would natural and easy. I fall into this category: “She may just feel like there’s something she’s missing, since everyone else seems to be a lot more excited about this sex stuff than she is.” So Santana’s storyline and character development makes my heart smile.

  2. Well, that was exactly my experience. It wasn’t that I disliked sex with men, it just wasn’t all that! Figured it out the first time I was with a woman… so yeah, while some have said they want to call Santana bi, I understand why she isn’t.

  3. totes agree with you 100%. I mean I don’t like labeling, but Santana is definitely not ‘straight’ and she’s most likely a lesbian if we argue that she has had ZERO emotional connection/intimacy with any of the guys she has dated on the show and has only shown intimacy or even kindness to Brittany. Brittany on the other hand loves Artie, which makes her more romantically ‘fluid’ than Santana.

  4. I’d been thinking that Santana should be bi though, I should change my mind by reading your comment on this matter. I am Japanese, living in tokyo and have been constantly seeking my sexuality all through my life, and have to say that it is okay with us here in Japan, making oneself totally vague with own sexuality, I believe. When I watch Glee and other TV drama and all other LGBTQ matters surrounding people in states, it seems rather hard for you to stay obscure with your sexuality there. You have to confront it at your early age, like at early teen. So, I suppose that MIGHT get girls or boys like Santana or Karofsky into troubles with wondering in the woods of sexuality, sometimes completely lost themselves there. Of course I believe LGBTQ matters are far more fast (Congrats on N.Y. marital matter!) and that’s because of your fast and concrete decision on your status including sexuality and at the same time, flexibility is your virtue.

  5. I definitely think Santana is a lesbian, and the way the storyline is playing out makes perfect sense to me, as someone who IS a lesbian and someone with plenty of gay friends. It’s not uncommon at all for young lesbians to experiment with males for one reason or another when they’re trying to figure things out. Sexuality and attraction is hardly black and white. I identify as a lesbian, but I can still find men to be sexually appealing. However, my heart and my intense personal feelings go to the ladies, and it has only ever been women who I have fallen head over heels in love with . Never once have I sat and cried and romanticized over a man!

    My life story aside, I find Santana as a lesbian to be highly believable and I really reaaally hope the writers explore the whole thing and give Santana a bit more dimension than just a “mean girl”.

  6. I personally think that Santana’s certainly, if not bi, pansexual. Most of your points are that she’s only been in love with Brittany, a girl, and that makes her lesbian. But sexuality is not about affections in the first place. It’s about sexual attraction and preferences. A lesbian per se doesn’t have to be repulsed by penis, or be in any degree misandrist like society make lesbians out to be (like they should be that way, like why else wouldn’ they like cock?/sarcasm) – just like a gay man doesn’t have to be mysogynistic o repulsed by vagina and boobs. And we can all, regardless of sexual preferences, gender identities, and everything else in the life spectrum, appreciate beauty as it comes. But, a lesbian isn’t turned on by males.

    And Santana HAS been turned on by males.

    She might’ve been missing something in her sexual encounters with the several guys we know she’s had sex with, yes, but that isn’t necessarily the abscence of a vagina. She’s only ever been in love with Brittany, and none of those guys were Brittany – none of them were her, as in personality and innocence and the TRAITS that make her be her. That’s what she was missing.

    And the way she pondered about her sexuality; sex dreams with bushes is form of a PERSON…I mean, that pretty much says ‘pansexual’

    I’m bi myself. And I struggled with my sexuality in a way that should let people to believe Im lesbian (even I thought that at some point, and I was really ok with that. But neglecting my bisexuality because I think most guys are jerks, among other things, is still queer-phobic, its still discriminatory. Still, I think most people are jerks). I mean Ive not really been as concerned with guys as Ive been with girls. Im ridiculously more nervous around women than Im around guys, its embarassing, actually. And even though Im more inclined to liking girls, I know Im sexually attracted to both.

    Anyway, its not that Im bothered by Santana being “officialy” lesbian (even though I firmly believe shes bi/pansexual), because if theres somethings sacred to me its queerness, its that Glee hasnt know how develop that (theres of course the fact that Santana wasnt even meant to be queer, she wasnt meant to be anything, really, but a really REALLY gorgoeus face and witty mean girl) – just like it hasnt known how to developed mostly anything, really, of their own damn show.

    Oh, and yeah, Brittanys “fluid” sexuality might send the wrong message to people that dont have a critical mind as some of us do, or that know about that kinf of stuff. Its really problematic – just like everything else Glee.

    In summary, believe what you want or are more inclined to believe, or just do believe. Stuff concerning fictional characters is never gonna be objective, theres only logic to that – and even so logic isnt the most objective thing.

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