I’m sorry, wha? After Elton reader asks why Glee’s Chris Colfer isn’t a teen heartthrob.

You know what the answer is right? I mean, seriously, check tumblr. Chris is a huge teen heartthrob. The people who make those magazines are either cowards, idiots or assholes.

First, to validate your reality: there does seem to be something of a Chris Colfer blackout in the magazines you mentioned (as well as Tiger Beat, which you didn’t). But interestingly, that blackout doesn’t extend to Darren Criss, who plays gay on Glee, but unlike Chris, is actually straight in real life.

So what’s going on here?

Not surprisingly, no one was willing to talk to me about it on the record…

You can read the rest here.


2 thoughts on “I’m sorry, wha? After Elton reader asks why Glee’s Chris Colfer isn’t a teen heartthrob.

  1. How about cowards, idiots AND assholes? Wow. I’m having a concurrent and totally conflicting reaction to this. On the one hand, I just can’t believe it (since Chris is one serious looker) and at the same time it doesn’t surprise me at all. All anyone has to do is tiptoe into tumblr to be visually assaulted by every manner of animated gif, some hilarious, some toothachingly sweet, and a few bordering on indecent.

    Somewhat tangentially, it’s interesting that he HAS gotten huge (and gorgeous) spreads in magazines like Rolling Stone which generally are not wont to give that kind of facetime to teen dreamboats. It’s almost as if he hopped right over the teenyboppers to the big leagues with Rolling Stone spreads, Emmy nominations, and Golden Globe wins.

    Doesn’t make the editors/publishers of the teen magazines any less ignorant, but it may ultimately work to CC’s benefit.

  2. Totally agree. Pretty sure that’s not the kind of thing to which he aspires in any case (I’m thinking of his remark about being openly gay and never getting the romantic lead in a romcom). He’s more interested in his craft than he is in fame, and that’s a pretty refreshing attribute.

    And yeah, the Rolling Stone photos. Wow.

    But it still makes the editors for TigerBeat, etc fossils.

    And there’s stuff on Tumblr that is more than bordering on indecent.

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