Here’s What You Missed on DG

Class is finally back in session at McKinley and NYADA this week—and so is Deconstructing Glee, with a few changes.

As announced earlier, we are a team now here at DG. And we’re still looking for more contributors.

We’ll be reacting to the new episode, “Sadie Hawkins,” and following up with a new feature—a collection of excerpts from great Glee-related meta writing from around the blogosphere.

And once “The First Time” script is made available to all of us who donated, well—we’re sure we’ll have something to say about that, too.

In the coming weeks, look for announcements about new features and opportunities, and watch as we give ourselves a makeover—we think you’ll love it.

Stay tuned.

The Deconstructing Glee Staff


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