S3 E19: Prom-asaurus

Nothing says “it’s over” like a Dinosaur-themed prom night. Or, you know, Icarus references.

I’m tired, so this is all going to be pretty random.

Teen Jesus did get Quinn walking again.

Wow Quinn is still very fucked up. Also she’s wearing a purple bandana while flirting with Teen Jesus who has piercings but is also Teen Jesus.

Lots of good character need/want happening in this episode — it’s starting to feel like an ending.

I’m not a faberry shipper, but I love shows that throw a bone to the non-canon ships from time to time. Cos I’ve been there, and that one line will be really useful in fanvids.

Santana wondering why Brit didn’t get many votes for prom king and Quinn pointing out it’s probably because she’s a girl. I mean, a boy won prom queen last year, but it’s different when you want it. WMHS only misgenders to hurt you, not accommodate you. 

I really thought the Blaine/hair storyline was going to be a Very Bad Thing. And, in fairness, whoever was doing the spoilers exaggerated a lot. Yeah, Blaine’s hair wasn’t great but it wasn’t awful either. It was pretty normal for a lot of people. And Kurt made it all better and kept Blaine’s hair (and therefore his still somewhat vague ethnicity) from being a punchline. Oh, Glee, you always zig when I think you’re going to zag. I love that about you.

Puck “I’ll go next year”. That ripped out my heart, but for personal reasons.

Pecky/Buck/Pucky (I like Pucky). Puck wears Star Wars undies. Becky didn’t take the piss out of him for it. It’s gotta be true love. There’s a sniper in the rafters, and it’s cupiiiiiiid. I don’t actually think they’re a thing (not sure Puck is in that place right now) but if they were here right now, I’d be teasing them a lot. Maybe not Becky — I don’t want to incur that kind of wrath.

Also, everyone who complains that Kurt never says “I love you” first? He may not have said it in those words, but he sure as fuck said it. He’s kind of always saying it. 

Does anyone have a list of Figgins’ unnecessarily descriptive epithets? I don’t like the Figgins is a pedo cracks anymore than I like the Will is a pedo meme, but Figgins seriously shows up any accusations of Will being inappropriate. But seriously, we had SANDY RYERSON on this show. The bar is set pretty damn high.

Why were all the couples flying too close to the sun in their prom pics?

No Artie reaction to Quinn standing up even though he’s in the frame.

Tina’s in mourning.

Is Kurt still pregnant? What was the key about?


18 thoughts on “S3 E19: Prom-asaurus

  1. Welp, long time reader, first time commenter…

    From what I’ve read, One place says “the key is an object symbolic of opening and closing powers. It represents knowledge, mystery, initiation, and curiosity. The Silver Key is symbolic of the inappropriate.”
    Elsewhere: “Thus, key symbolism indicates opening or discovering that which is hidden or secret. Because skeleton keys usually can open more than one lock, they are often considered a powerful symbol. The 21 cards of the tarot’s major aracana are called “keys,” referring to the ability to illuminate archetypes and stages of life.

    “A visiting celebrity or lauded individual might be given a “key to the city,” an honor that implies power. The phrase “key to my heart” refers to intimacy and the “unlocking” of emotions or tenderness. Keys also connote the ability to uncover secret knowledge, illuminate hidden wisdom and gain entry to fortified areas. Keys can also symbolize initiation and freedom.

    “In Judaism, the key to the synagogue was sometimes to given to a pregnant woman, symbolizing “unlocking” her womb.”

    Yep. I think Kurt’s still pregnant 🙂 He’s not Jewish, but his best friend is! So.

  2. I went into last night’s episode with such low expectations and a sense of dread. The songs were pretty boring, but I was really pleased with the Blaine and Kurt bits . . . and those Medusa references to Blaine, which are really fun to think about, and which I need to find some time for later today. A lot of stuff about putting on appearances and not presenting yourself/accepting yourself as you are . . . but a lot of dissing people’s appearances too (like the “I don’t like how you look” line from Brittany—ouch). But yes, you knew I was stressing about how extreme they were going to go with the Klaine story. In the end I like what it revealed about both Blaine and Kurt.

    In fact I like thinking about Kurt’s gentle support of Blaine as he musters up courage versus Finn’s yelling at Quinn as she does the same (albeit she’s got some ulterior motives there, but still).

  3. I think that at this point, Glee is only watchable for people who are interested in Klaine. I thought the hair gel thing was ludicrous and remarkably unfunny.

    I’ve become the bitter former fan but I can’t quite stop watching yet; I can’t quite kill the hope that there will be something great that sucks me back in.

    I, too, was waiting for Artie’s reaction to Quinn being on her feet, but it’s Glee, so Artie doesn’t remember that he and Quinn were friends 4 episodes ago and had that whole false-hope conversation. Quinn seems to have forgotten, too. Meanwhile, Artie gets picked up by Sam and lifted into the air like fucking Simba — so much for Artie’s whole “being a man” thing…

    Fun fact: I watched it on the elliptical machine at the gym since I had no other access to a TV, and the girl next to me was there doing the same thing. She didn’t laugh once. When it was over, we agreed it was pretty feeble compared to last year’s prom.

  4. Clearly, Kurt is gestating Rachel’s newborn stardom. He’s her surrogate, because she’ll return the favour later after he and Blaine get married, and she can have the Klaine babies. It’s a deal they made. Kurt’d do NYADA for the both of them, and she’ll come out a star on Broadway from the osmosis of listening to Kurt rant about all the things he has to learn that she’ll get to put to use straight away while he has to wait until he finishes his education. Her career will of course go on a year hiatus when she carries the Klaine baby which she insisted be like her own gestation and they don’t know whose sperm did the deed. But it’s all okay because they’re just one big happy dysfunctional family, what with her and Finn’s kids being both siblings and cousins with the Klaine kids at the same time.

    ….I have no idea where that came from! I’m sorry?

  5. Do we still all expect Glee to be a comedy? It’s been a long time since I laughed at an episode.
    Blaine’s hair seems like a silly storyline, but for his character it’s plainly not. It’s one of the want/need ones: he wants to wear gel but he needs to know Kurt accepts him as he is. Brittany is the villain here who makes this happen. It’s also part of a larger passing theme that’s been going on with a lot of characters.
    The Glee kids pretty much all take turns being villains. That’s not news.
    I have nothing to add on the DK thing and I don’t think Glee does either. I’m pretty sure the visualisation exercise brought his arc to a close through Kurt. He’s alive, he’s out, he has hope now. Glee’s always played the long game, so maybe he’ll be back. But as far as the passing storyline DK had? It’s over.
    I’m guessing because we didn’t see an Artie reaction that we will see it at some point. It was too obviously missing, I think.
    I still have faith, apparently.

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  7. There’s a difference between expecting a comedy and expecting funny. One of the beautiful things about Glee, for me anyway, was always that in the midst of telling the awful stories, there would be funny. I think of Theatricality, and Kurt trying to help Finn get his stage makeup off, and Finn pushing him away in disgust and Kurt yelling, “It’s just a moist towelette, Finn!” Heartbreaking. Hilarious.

  8. I didn´t know what my worst trigger was until Glee made a whole episode about it. Today I spent 45 minutes scared and hurting; watching it the second time still hurt. Every new episode makes me love Glee even more, but never before was every single scene painful to watch. Few things make me laugh anymore (except for the fourth wall breaking). I don´t think that it´s a bad thing.

  9. Just a short comment: Teen Jesus didn’t make Quinn walk again, it was Brittany when she told Quinn “you’re still dancing in my dreams” during the Whitney episode.

  10. I was surprised we didn’t get an Artie reaction shot to Quinn standing up. And that shot of Sam picking up Artie was really bad–can’t remember when that happens, before or after Quinn standing? That pair of shots is depressing.

    It’s hard to beat the powerful prom episode from last year–there was a lot more conflict happening leading up to that ep, for many characters. I’m looking forward to “Props,” though, and even though she wasn’t in this week’s ep much, the few Tina moments we’ve had in the last week or two are making me interested in her for once–and I’m looking forward to more of her story next week.

    I’ve been laughing at lot of things on the show recently; there have been some hilarious lines. That said, I go into every ep with the lowest of expectations. Of course I’m that way with just about everything . . .

  11. Considering how ruthless Quinn still is, even when we think she’s become a nice girl now, Quinn totally breathes fire.

  12. ooh, i have feelings. which means i probably shouldn’t touch this with a ten-foot pole.

    and yet.

    1. i watch this show for klaine (go ahead, judge, i deserve it), but that’s not why i watched this episode. (santana! quinn! kurt crowning people! rachel! the nd boyband!)

    2. speaking of which: i’ll bet artie remembers they were friends four episodes ago, and i’ll bet it hurts like hell to see quinn standing. i’ll bet artie has a really great poker face, by now.

    3. being a man =/= not accepting help. or walking.

    no matter what finn hudson will tell you.

    4. prom queen is, to date my favorite episode (and, oh god, more judging is in order), and was fucking ecstatic that this year didn’t live up to that.

  13. I know I’m late to the party and this has probably already been pointed out elsewhere on The Internets, but to make the whole Blaine-freaking-out-because-of-President-Brittany’s-despotic-hair-gel-ban thing even more ridiculous, here’s a visual reminder of that time Blaine went hair gel-less for a night during BIOTA.

    I mean… C’mon.

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