What do you expect from Glee in 2012?

There are a few things we know, or can safely expect. We know that there will be more Samcedes wooing. There will be a Wemma proposal. Michael Jackson.

But there’s more too — a whole half a season in which anything could happen.

New characters:

Samuel Larsen — Co-winner of The Glee Project with Damian McGinty — hasn’t been seen yet and he’s due a 7 episode arc, so we’re going to have to meet him very shortly. There was a lot of talk in The Glee Project about his religious beliefs and how Ryan Murphy has wanted to write a Christian character. He’s got a very rocker persona, so we could be seeing a born-again Christian rocker type when the season resumes.

Alex Newell — one of the runner ups of The Glee Project is due 2 episodes. No idea what they might do with him. They might have him be in a competing show choir. There’s also the question of whether his character will be queer, and how. Although if they stick to the 2 episodes with him, there may not be much done with this. The actor himself has expressed his interest in playing female characters, so really, the possibilities are pretty open.

And of course, Rory Flanagan is sticking around for a while yet, it seems. Surely the exchange student will have to go back, however.


I expect we’ll see a rehash of the will-Emma-or-won’t-she if Will’s proposal is successful (and I’m gonna guess it will be. We can talk all we like about how much we like the pairing, but Emma seems to like Will a lot.)

We have Kurt and Rachel’s applications to NYADA to consider

Mike’s application to dance school (which I’m guessing will be successful).

Blaine backstory? Am I too hopeful? Will they leave this for season 4 when (if) Kurt is out of the way?

I can’t keep track. Is Tina a senior? If not, will we see the most stable and sane couple on the show worrying about being apart?

SEBASTIAN. I just can’t wait to see how this will play out. I’m all Klaine 4 eva, but really, this arc with Sebastian is fun.

Santana and Brittany. Can they go on a date? Can something romantic happen between them? Can we get any confirmation that they’re together for a reason other than that Brittany wasn’t with anyone else for once? Or could Santana find a new love?

Finn figuring out his place in the world. That should be sobering.


My lunch break is over, so that’s all I have for now. What are you guys expecting/hoping for?



12 thoughts on “What do you expect from Glee in 2012?

  1. I’m totally calling Rory getting himself banned from Ireland and being here next year. Come on, it’s Glee, stranger things…

    Tina is a junior!

    I *really* want to see what happens with Finn, Quinn–is she really all better?–and Brittana. Also Sam, what year is he and where is he living?

  2. Ok, well, after I wrote this, I thought about it. Ireland is in dire economic times right now and we’ve moved from net immigration to net emigration again. If Rory’s parents are professionals, it could be believable that they might take the opportunity of him already being settled in a school with friends, and become economic migrants.

    So, it’s possible.

  3. There could even be a vaguely realistic reason! He could even see his parents again!

    But that might be too happy for Glee.

  4. I actually don’t think Wemma will work out, because I think the show has established this season just how much it does *not* approve of Will, always–whereas S1 and 2 they did give him the excuse of “he needs to discover his own dreams. (Which he did, and then proceeded to be shit, so.)

    Then again, a) that might just be wishful thinking on my part and b) they seem to be rolling with this idea that Will can only do one thing good at a time. He’s currently absolutely failing at being an arts teacher, maybe he can succeed at being a husband.

    … But I still don’t think he will, and I really, really am worried about Emma going through with it, if she does. I hope she doesn’t. But, as I said to Julia last week, given that it’s episode 10, and good things/delusions that happen in ep 10 always get smashed to pieces in ep 20, I have my hopes that may happen to Will. 😛

    (Sometimes I try to like Will, or at least feel pity. Sometimes it works…)

    If they bring in Samuel as that type of born-again Christian person… my bet is going that they will bring the pain *hard* in terms of the character and relating to McKinley/ND’s queer contingency. :/

    I am still waiting for the moment when Sebastian really, really smashes my heart into pieces (he’s the Male Santana). I’m predicting it’ll happen this year. meep.

  5. I definitely see Will/Emma working out, but since I’d rather not get into a debate about Will again, I’ll stop my comments on it right here.

    My REAL prediction for “Glee” in 2012 is more inconsistent writing, wacky characterizations, and plot lines that make no sense. LOL

  6. I want more Blaine characterization and backstory like a hobo wants a shopping cart, but I have a feeling it’s not going to be an important focus this season. However, I have heard that there is some down and dirty fighting concerning Sebastian. It makes my little Glee heart do happy flutters.

    I believe Will/Emma will work out. I think they were meant to work out in the end, and there are only so many times the two can pull the together/not together/together thing (especially since they are the adults and not the teenagers). Wait…what am I saying? This is Glee. They made three and a half seasons out of plots like that.

  7. all I want is for them to pull themselves out of this rut they seem to have gotten themselves into-they got knee deep in some pretty apalling storylies which were not very well executed and npw they can rise again to greatness YAY

  8. Wasn’t there supposed to be a new female character this year besides Sugar? A “Joan Jett type”? Honestly, I just want Glee to pay attention to its female characters in ways that aren’t dude-based (unlike Brittany’s presidency win being about Kurt, Santana’s coming out being about Finn, Emma’s living with OCD being about Will, etc). Brittany and Santana obviously need way more attention, together and apart; more about Quinn would be terrific too. Whatever happened to Quinn’s relationship with her family? Fondue for Two? And Lauren. God, I miss Lauren.

    I know those aren’t as much “expectations” as “hopes,” and it’s largely because I don’t expect too many interesting plot turns. I expect there to be a bit of college drama but everything to turn out swimmingly, and I expect Quinn and Puck to get back together (which *could* be good, maybe).

  9. I personally want to see so much more Will. The show was so successful the first season because the storylines centered around Will. Now they have so many characters. We hardly saw Will the first part of the season. I hope the next part of the season with the impeding proposal and his future with Emma that we see more of him. I also want to see Will sing more. Plus the fact we still have Emma’s first time s/l to play out. I personally care more about the adults than the kids. Some of the kids s/l are okay but sometimes it’s like it’s way too many of them. Hopefully we’ll see in season 4 a better balance with some kids graduating.

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