Glee’s Christmas Ep: Possibly the best thing Matt Morrison has done

Not Tiny Tim

Bitch, I'm SCROOGE

And I’m not a Matt Morrison hater (and I actually don’t get the hate, but whatever). But there are a lot of fascinating decisions that went into this episode and I am charmed, charmed, charmed by almost every damn minute of it.

Almost. And most of my almosts have to do with my own issues surrounding American religious things, and that’s not going to change from my end, nor significantly from the American religious perspective either. So we just stare each other down occasionally and agree to meet again this time next year and see if anyone actually wins. Nobody ever does.

A few of my favourite things?

  • There was a Samcedes moment in “All I Want for Christmas is You”, and wow. Ok, Samcedes is on. That other jerk can go away please with his “don’t be nice to your competitors” ideas.
  • Artie is still being a dick, which is fun. In fact, if you watch from the “Tiny Tim” moment, Artie is more of an artistic Scrooge who learns his lesson in the end than he is a Tiny Tim. And I think that’s a good thing. Tiny Tim (as the archetype of  disabled-therefore-perfect-in-every-other-conceivable-way characters) couldn’t exist in the world of Glee, but Scrooge sure does. Artie even brings the turkey. Rory is SO the ghost of Christmas future.
  • Kurt‘s PSA in the middle of the Christmas Special about climate change and the way he plays Judy Garland and Lucy Ricardo at the same time. EGGNOG. 
  • The way not-gay Blaine is super handsy with Kurt throughout. Cannot keep his hands to himself.
  • They way they beckon Rachel and Mercedes to the piano that nobody ever actually plays.
  • Production still of the cut "box" scene

    THE BOX. heh. I’m glad I watched the show with everyone last night instead of waiting to watch it today, because I got to be a part of this frantic “they cut the box scene” thing. So we know now that it was a promise ring made of gum wrappers because Blaine couldn’t afford the Elizabeth Taylor collection ring that Kurt wanted. Way to find middle ground there Blaine. Kind of interested that they made his character “not able to afford”… because Blaine has always been portrayed as monied, but one thing that has always annoyed me about fanfiction Blaine is that he seems to have ridiculous money available to him at all times. Most of the rich kids I knew just had rich parents, nice clothes, nice house, nice things, but they were not allowed to just go spend crazy money on gifts. So kudos, Blaine’s parents maybe wealthy but, of course, Blaine is not.

  • The random bearding of Kurt and Blaine with Rachel and Mercedes through the gifting. In fanfiction, I always read Blaine and Rachel and Kurt and Mercedes and there. they. are.
  • Time travel is becoming canon. (that’s why Kurt’s internet stopped working, btw).
  • Irish kid with a bell around his neck in case he gets lost. And his name is Seamus Flanagan. Wait, does that mean Kurt and Blaine have TWO kids in the future? And they named one Seamus? Maybe his name is really James but Rory’s still running with the whole Irish facade.
  • The gift suggestions: Did Mike really suggest what I think he suggested? And Blaine going with socks. Riiiight. And Kurt eavesdropping in the locker room.
  • Sue’s turkey baster. What?
The other list:
  • “Do They Know It’s Christmas” is the worst song ever written. Like, I get that it’s a good cause and everything, but I’m hoping that they knew what they were doing when they put a bunch of high school students singing “Tonight thank God it’s them instead of you” to homeless people. Because those homeless people really need some perspective, amirite? I want to believe the cast were actually rolling around laughing at the inappropriateness of it all (did Blaine have something to do with this?),but I wonder on this one. I mean, it couldn’t be more obviously skewered, but I’m inclined to think this is an accident and that’s why I’ve moved it from the first list to the second.
  • Yeah, I’d have liked to have seen more Brittana than the random carolers bit and the ribbons. I’m actually more interested in Santa Baby than I am in THE BOX SCENE. See above.
  • Reading scripture at Christmas makes all of us behave better. Oh yeah, and I love Rory, but argh.

9 thoughts on “Glee’s Christmas Ep: Possibly the best thing Matt Morrison has done

  1. I forgot about the turkey baster. WHAT THE HELL?

    Also, if it helps any, the creepy US religiosity in this felt really peculiar and gross even to those of us used to this crap. I was okay with Rory reading scripture, because it made as little sense as everything else in B&W land and was so off-key and yet oddly sweet, I could hand wave it — the stuff around Rachel, Jewishness and the Salvation Army was a big disaster zone for me though.

  2. I really want fic that addresses Rachel telling her dads proudly what she and Finn did and them sighing and explaining what the Salvation Army would say to them if they fell on hard times.

    When I was a student, I literally bought all my clothes at the Sally Ann. I guess it’s ubiquitous enough that people don’t think… do we know who wrote this episode?

  3. I wonder how Santana’s family is dealing with her abuela disowning her during a holiday which most people spend with their relatives. I thought she would say something about that when she looked sad during Rory’s song about spending Christmas apart from his family and was a little disappointed.

    I liked that both Quinn and Sam decided to volunteer to help the homeless instead of doing the Christmas show, since they’ve both technically been homeless.

    What did Mike suggest?

  4. Maxi Norton.

    A ton of people at my very, very, very gay college shopped at the Salvation Army. I wonder how much it’s still under the radar…

  5. Actually, what Rory did with the scripture was 100% Charlie Brown Christmas Special. So it (somehow) read as secular to me (uh yeah i realize that sounds like nonsense, lol, american culture, what are you).

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  7. I thought the special itself was charming and was such a great vehicle for Darren Criss and Chris Colfer-so why could the episode not just be all that? It didn’t fit in the context of the season which was fine but everything outside that just sucked

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