Brittana and Kissing (also: don’t be an asshole on the internet)

Let’s all take a big deep breath and wait.

And I know, I’ve asked for it before too. But I want it to make sense.

The thing about being a show that is constantly accused of “stunts” is that they probably want to avoid stunts. So panning into McKinley’s hallway of truth and finding Santana and Brittany casually making out would probably qualify. Also, issues with personal safety, etc that we’ve talked about around Kurt and Blaine before and those issues were scary as shit news to Santana last week when she was threatened by sophomore rugby douche.

But, people are losing their patience. Also, their collective shits. Because last night, on Twitter, some people took to abusing the writers about it, including Ali Adler, who lost her patience with it in the end.

Now, listen, I get it. I want to see some lady romance as much as the next lesbian. But really? Do we need to have the whole “why you shouldn’t be an asshole on the internet” talk? I think we do, because when I tweeted that maybe it’s worth waiting, I got told to shut up, and called a moron. You know what? This is all bullying. Even if the person you’re abusing on the internet is a grownup, or famous, or whatever — it doesn’t matter — it’s still bullying. I can’t believe this fandom is back at this again after Amber Riley had to ask everyone to stop bullying her. What is wrong with fandom?

So a few thoughts that exceed the 140 character limit:

You cannot compare Brittany and Santana’s relationship to Kurt and Blaine’s. You can’t. They started very differently. Santana and Brittany have been having sex since season 1. Santana basically came out to Brittany telling her that she loves her. The firsts have already happened. First kiss, first “I love you”, first time having sex. All over and done with.

Where do you go in a relationship like this? I’ve spent ages trying to figure out why I’m not as hardcore a Brittana shipper as I am a Klaine shipper, and I think it boils down to romance. We’ve never seen any romance with Brittany and Santana. They were hooking up. Then Santana declared her love and Brittany said she loves her too but doesn’t want to break up with Artie. But, hey, once they’re broken up, now Brittany’s happy to be with Santana. 

It’s going to be complicated for them, and I hope that will be addressed, but right now, the story is that Santana is struggling with rejection by her abuela and changes to her own social status. Brittany was busy running for senior class president.

I do want to see what’s going on with these two girls, because I think it’s amazing and hilarious that Glee turned the hot-lesbian-cheerleaders trope on its head and gave them feelings, and they should run with that. Believe me, I’m happy about this. I’ve spent most of my life fangirling over subtext. This maintext lesbian thing is actually pretty fucking cool.

This week, we got a record amount of screentime for a neglected pairing, Mike and Tina, and that was amazing, but it’s also been a long time coming.

Remember when all anyone wanted was a Klaine kiss after Original Song? We got an “I love you” instead, and it was amazing, and important in a way a kiss wouldn’t have been.

I have to say, what I long for with Brittana is not the kissing (although hey, no issue with the kissing!) but the romance. But I still think a kiss will happen. We will have our gifs someday.

So, chill. Be nice to people. Ship Brittana or Klaine or Tike or Wemma or Kurtofsky, or Klainebastian even, but take a chill pill.

People on the internet are actually real people, assholes on the internet are actually real assholes.


10 thoughts on “Brittana and Kissing (also: don’t be an asshole on the internet)

  1. I sometimes think that there are parts of fandom that don’t want to us to have nice things.

    That being said, when and if there is a Brittana kiss, I want it to be a sweet, organic, moment that just fits not kissing for the sake of kissing. Re-watching “I Kissed a Girl”, I can’t think of a moment where a kiss would have really belonged.

  2. There was an honest-to-God person who is in the Glee writers’ room with some regularity engaging with fandom and the first thing they can think to do is bully her? What the fuck?

    I’m glad the rest of fandom came to the rescue, but shit, that stuff can get to a person. Hell, I just had one loser gunning for me and it was making me upset. (I’m pretty open that the one thing I’m least confident about is my intelligence/education, so calling me a moron is a pretty good way to get under my skin.) And I know it got under my skin because I was contemplating tweeting horrible things at the person and had to take a few deep breaths. So yeah, that was one person —

    I think we’re pretty lucky high profile people engage on Twitter at all.

  3. I’ve come to the conclusion that the way fandom insists stories should play out is inevitably going to be the least interesting possible way to me.

    Now, I realize I’m defective and everything. I take some comfort in the fact that apparently the writers are, too.

    Thank you for this post.

    (I hate counting kisses, and I don’t want the queer couples to be perfect copies of the straight couples–of finchel, really, let’s be honest about what’s being said–for all kinds of reasons.)

  4. While I agree with your take on whether we are owed a kiss, and generally think fandom should let the writers write the show as they like, I still think your comment misses one essential point: the argument was not over whether or not Brittana SHOULD kiss, but whether or not they HAVE. The writers claimed they had, citing the scene from Duets, fandom went nu-uh, and then it escalated to that utterly distasteful mess where nobody came away smelling like roses.

    I’m personally okay with where Brittana is now, but I do find it very puzzling that apparently three of the writers think we’ve had onscreen sweet lady kisses, when the fact is we’ve had absolutely none. It makes it sort of hard to retain my trust in them being able or willing to eventually go there and show us a real kiss.

  5. I saw that comment and wondered if I was missing some inside joke between you two. Level of education does not equate with intelligence. I have plenty of the former, some of the latter, and your insights in this blog always blow me away and make me wonder why I don’t use my brain more.

  6. That’s correct. This started when a fan tweeted that Brittany and Santana have never kissed on-screen and one of the Glee writers responded, “you must not watch the show. But thanks for the incorrect input.” Wow.

  7. This is precisely why I rarely correspond on line any more regarding Glee – the exchanges quickly become bizarre and un-civil, and I am left feeling joyless about the very show that gives me joy, even when it gets it so “wrong”, which is about 50% of the time. Thank you for bringing this important issue up yet again.

  8. I have to say that you are missing the point here. Are you a friend of that writer or smth?. Im serious, I dont wanna sound bitchy or disrepectful but this all started because the writers are blind and cant get past their own egos. They claim that a kiss between Brittany and Santana has already happened which, I’m sure everyone will agree with me, is false.

    Ali Adler didnt get any hate prior her tweet about the brittana kiss because she was the only one who stayed quiet at the start (unlike her fellows co-writers) and she was sooo wrong since then, first she never said she was in the wrong and I think all hell broke loose when she called the fandom “grumpy”…I’m sorry but how old are you? and arent you representing a hit show?

    I’m not saying that the fans had the right to go and insult them because no one should do that but I’ve seen a lot of fans -maybe like 70% of them- that just tweeted her that she was wrong and linked to pics that show that brittana actually never kissed.

  9. Based on your last sentence, though, something close to 30% of the comments were rude and abusive.

    That figure should be about 0.

    Because a) human decency is not, in fact, overrated; b) it’s a TV show — as much as we can all get thinky and philosophical about it, it’s a TV show and there are actual problems in the world; c) if you think the writers are jerks or idiots or egomaniacal, you are always welcome to stop paying their salary, vis a vis don’t watch the show; and d) the writers ARE the show; they create the show, the characters, they are the mother — no matter how much you may love an actor, a character, and no matter how much you think their mother sucks, you don’t dis someone’s Mama.

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