Media Research Center: Silly Glee! People don’t like sex on tv

Dan Gainor, vice president at the Media Research Center, agreed that while the musical dramedy has been controversial since its debut, it was still driven by its entertainment factor prior to this season. But now, he says, the show appears to have reversed its focus.

“’Glee’ is also becoming gimmicky,” Gainor said. “Witness the contest to be on the show. The Oxygen reality show “The Glee Project” debuted earlier this year, featuring Gleeks auditioning for a coveted spot on the show. Sometimes thats a sign of creative people who are running out of ideas. Its hard to tell if ‘Glee’ is ready to have Blaine drive a motorcycle over a shark tank yet like Fonzie … But ‘Glee’ has always had one thing going for it — music. Its cast can perform. Downplay the sex and play up the entertainment to make it family friendly.”

via Glee Ratings Decline: Does Shows Audience Prefer Less Sex, More Music? | Fox News.

Oh, Fox, Fox, Fox, you never fail to amuse.

Media Research Center? Oh right, these guys:

a group of young determined conservatives set out to not only prove — through sound scientific research — that liberal bias in the media does exist and undermines traditional American values, but also to neutralize its impact on the American political scene.

Why would anyone ask them anything? You know what they’re going to say!

So, will you stop watching Glee if there’s more sex on the show?


4 thoughts on “Media Research Center: Silly Glee! People don’t like sex on tv

  1. If it’s in context and develops the character’s which it has every time- in fact (that irish boy aside) this season has been very good at avoiding the gimmicky.
    also Blaine driving a motorcycle over a fishtank-HOT
    on that note maybe a character could sing Sondheim’s You Gotta Have a Gimmick as a rebuttal..

  2. Hm, well, I think they’re pushing it a bit. Imply it, talk about it, but they went a little to close to showing it in that episode, in my opinion – my mother watches it with me!

  3. Oh man, that takes me back. I remember watching Degrassi Junior High and my father watched it with me once. But that episode was ALL ABOUT SEX. Or so it seemed to me anyway. I wanted to die.

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