The Glee Project Preview: Sexuality (and scandal, apparently)

I’m a bit late seeing this promo, but it’s got me wishing the time away until Monday morning.

I need to know how Christian boy Cameron takes this particular lesson. Remember how he freaked when Lindsay kissed him in a scene? Is Ryan Murphy talking to him in the clip at the end? It would make sense.

Also Samuel and Alex? I’m surprised by how much I want to see that. Not at all surprised by how much I want to see Damian and Lindsay.

And because you guys seem to want to discuss this hot mess of a video, I add it here, for your consideration πŸ™‚

For the record, my thoughts:

1. Alex looks like he’s so nervous, I expect him to be dismembering a teddy bear in the next scene.

2. Cameron and Hannah have succeeded in making sexy food time not sexy. Ever again. Even if I do locate non-dairy whipped cream again, I’m just going to shudder and move on. Is that a cup of dirty water she pours on him?

3. Once again, my heart belongs to Damian and Lindsay. They’re adorable.


8 thoughts on “The Glee Project Preview: Sexuality (and scandal, apparently)

  1. I just sent you an email, but I’ll put it out here for the rest (of the few others who follow this program). πŸ™‚

    1. Agreed, Alex isn’t as believable in this as Sam.

    2. Disagree, but I guess I have a thing for the whipped cream ~evil grin~ Maybe it was chocolate sauce she poured on him, although later in the video it may have been milk. I think Cameron was much more convincing in this one than he was in the BICO video. He seemed more comfortable…maybe because Hannah doesn’t seem as predatory or threatening as Lindsay (my opinion, of course).

    3. I do have to say that I am still rooting for Damian.

    “Wait? Are you quitting?” I think Ryan is talking to Alex for some reason.

    These last weeks are going to be harder and harder to watch as they make their cuts.

  2. Oh, see, I’m hoping it’s Cameron. Just because of my irrational dislike thing.

    But yeah, Alex is not delivering on this assignment *at all*. And it can’t be easy, because coming to terms with homosexuality is usually a bit later than heterosexuality, and learning you can be sexual without being perceived as sick or predatory is a long road. So I feel badly for him, but wow.

    Hey, I enjoy whipped cream as much as the next lactose intolerant lesbian, but I really thought Cameron and Hannah just lacked something.

  3. “Hey, I enjoy whipped cream as much as the next lactose intolerant lesbian, but I really thought Cameron and Hannah just lacked something.”

    God, you crack me up! ~wiping off computer screen~

  4. So thoughts on the full video:


    2. I’ve said it before, Cameron could be very, very good if he just got the hell over himself and learned to separated acting and not-acting. But he can’t, so it is all very not sexy.

    3. I still love Hannah though, forever.

    4. I CANNOT WAIT FOR ALEX/SAMUEL. CANNOT WAIT. There was some loaded stuff in there, and props to Sam for giving it his all. (See, other contestants? This is what we call “acting”. He doesn’t *actually* want to have sexy times with Alex, but he is “acting” like he does. Make sense?)

    5. Damian continues to be a flawless bastard.

    6. I continue to have a shameless crush on Lindsay. (There is just something about her in this video, she is a *very* good actress.)

    7. Thus I very much enjoy that pairing. The cuddlyness at about 1:20, I nearly died.

    8. Cameron and Hannah. “Oh, you smear peanut butter on my face so I’ll wipe it off MY face and smear it on YOURS, how’s THAT for sexy!”. Just, what… And WHIPPED CREAM, IN HER FACE. AGH. GET IT AWAY FROM ME. AGH.

    9. Hee hee, focussing on a candle and fading to black, I see what you implied there Glee…

    10. The awkward moment when I just realised I spoiled who leaves in the next three episodes for myself. Nice work, Emily… XD

    But weeee, very excited for this one!

  5. See, I share your dislike of him, but that’s kind of my reason for wanting him to stay a little–because it’s so hilarious to watch him fail and watch Ryan take him down every week. (Callous? Moi?)

    “and learning you can be sexual without being perceived as sick or predatory is a long road” I definitely feel that in what he did there. Ouch 😦

  6. See, putting whipped cream on someone is only sexy if you lick it off them.

    Still distracted by the cup of unidentified liquid she poured on his shoulder.

    Yeah, Samuel seems to be a full on pro.

  7. Okay, for some reason, I chose to watch that video despite never having seen a single other clip from the Glee project in any way. Boy, was that a massive mistake. XD

    That said, yes, the people who apparently must be Cameron and Hannah were a total train wreck here – BUT I am not sure it was entirely their fault – they were cute _doing_ it (*shudder*), it just reeks of horrible, TERRIFYING directing and setting choices. *shuddering again*

  8. I had thoughts about that too. All will become clear tomorrow! Mostly, why do they always set Samuel in dark settings? Yes, it suits him but it does not really suit Alex so much.

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