So, anyone? Glee Project?

ADDICTED. In the worst possible way. And my favourite has already been eliminated, which sucks, but I totally get why she was. In happier news, the person who made me want to tear my hair out is also gone, so it all balances.

And I loved, loved, loved, watching the episode where they showed the auditions process.

Are any of you watching it? If not, someone is going to have to start. 🙂


20 thoughts on “So, anyone? Glee Project?

  1. I love TGP. I found it interesting to see how the 12 were picked and now how the process of elimination is decided. I have to say I was surprised that McKynleigh was the one to be let go last week. Matheus’ last chance performance was a bit over the top, albeit at the behest of RM.

    Overall, I’m not too impressed with the remaining girls. I’m pulling for Damian, but I also like Cameron and Sam. I’m not sure how I feel about Alex. There’s no doubt he’s talented and vocally could give CC a run for the money, but how he would fit into a storyline…I just don’t know.

  2. I think Matheus proved he’d do what needs doing, and that’s what they wanted to see. It was over-the-top, but it was pure him.

    Who did you like of the girls?

    I think Damian is cute, but I think he does get by on his accent a lot. That said, his performance of Jesse’s Girl was the best thing ever. We couldn’t stop laughing. Sam, for me, has only started to stand out. Cameron, I like, but I’m kind of over his “Oh I’m so nerdy” hipster routine.

    I feel badly for Alex. All the people saying “oh he’s always pulling the gay card”. What the hell? He’s only just come out to his mom. And he’s being brave enough to be out out on the show. I think a lot of people are too dismissive of how scary that is, still, especially people who aren’t at all homophobic, because they honestly think it’s no big deal, and feel that gay people should think that too. They forget people still get kicked out of their homes and lose friends and jobs because they’re gay. That said, I don’t think he has the comfort level with himself that RM & co are looking for. Really, at the end of the day, they’re looking for maturity and a comfort level that most 18 year olds are not able to have.

  3. I liked Ellis. Big voice, but her focus on “I’m just a little girl” got old quick, and I think that’s why she went out early. Cameron is nerdy, but seems to be ok with that…unfortunately, I think that’s what is going to be his downfall. RM & co seems be looking for someone who is somewhat insecure but trying to overcome that. Cameron strikes me as someone who’s fairly comfortable in his own skin.

    “…especially people who aren’t at all homophobic, because they honestly think it’s no big deal, and feel that gay people should think that too.”

    I hate to admit that, until recently, I fell into that category. But I’m learning that it is a HUGE deal. I’ve read some coming out stories that are just heartbreaking. I cannot even imagine the pain of having your parents cut you out of their lives, or friends who simply walk away because of who you are attracted to or fall in love with. Sorry, got a little off topic here….

    So, who’s left? Lindsay strikes me as someone who will do anything, and walk over anyone, to get the job. She’d definitely go toe-to-toe with Rachel. Marissa…hmmm, I’m not sure how I feel about her; she hasn’t been in the forefront enough yet. I don’t think Hannah will stand up for herself enough to pull it out. I’m surprised she didn’t confront Sam about the “skidoosh” thing.

    In some of the interviews it’s been said that the winner will be a foil for Sue and her campaign. I can see her going after Damien, maybe thinking he’s from the IRA or some sort of subversive Irish government plot or other. Sam, with his dreds, and beatnik looks would also set her off. And god knows what she’d think of Matheus. I really do think it will be one of the guys to win the Project.

  4. Ellis was my favourite. Even though she kept going on about looking 10 — which did get annoying — I do think they could have brought her to a place where she could get out of that mindset. She may not be as young as she looks, but she’s still very young. What killed me is that when she was properly being herself, she had this amazing sarcasm and dry wit about her, which was SO different to her looks, and that was AWESOME. Like, exactly the kind of thing they were looking for. She had all kinds of contradictions: dry wit/youthful looks, big voice/little body, etc that would have been so interesting. But she failed to show them that, and it was a shame.

    Oh, this whole blog is an exercise in off-topic, so that’s not really a problem. 🙂

    What did you think of Emily? I remember when it first aired and all the Tumblr fangirls were giving out about how she spoke to DC, I was thinking “Oh chill out, flirty banter is something adults *do*” but then I saw it and I was like, “OH, jeez, casting couch much?” And then in the vulnerability episode, she basically admitted as much, which kind of broke my heart in a complicated way.

    HA! I love the idea of Sue suspecting Damian of being an IRA spy. That would be a super kind of win.

  5. I wasn’t sorry to see Emily go. She struck me as too flirty and not serious enough. Flirty is fine…until people start to get uncomfortable with it. And she took it there.

    It’s funny, I don’t even know how I got interested in Glee. I don’t watch much network TV, so I didn’t see the first season; then I happened to catch the “Sue Sylvester Shuffle” after the superbowl. I watched the next episode, “Silly Love Songs” I think, and then I was hooked. I went to Netflix and ordered the first season and after “Preggers” I was totally caught up in it. I started looking up the actors online, because I’d never heard of any of them. Well, I had seen Mathew Morrison in “Music and Lyrics” (a small part) and I’d seen Jane Lynch in something somewhere, but other than those two, that was it.

    Not one person I know in real life likes the show. So, I found my way online and eventually ended up on LiveJournal for the fanfiction. Tumblr confuses me; I can’t seem to figure out how to navigate it and it seems to be populated mostly by teenagers. I’m a blog-virgin, as well. But I’m attempting to dip my toe in gradually.

    Now, I guess I’m a Glee fangirl, if a 55 year old can be such a thing. But I’m not a flailing, screaming fangirl. Well, ok, if CC were to tweet me, I might flail a *little* 

  6. I’m pretty sure none of us on this blog would put an age limit on fangirling. Mostly because we are all (I think) well outside the stereotypical Glee fan age group (though I don’t think we’re as atypical as we all think!) I only found it because a younger friend harassed me until I agreed to watch one episode.

    And if CC tweeted me, I’d do a lot more than flail a little. I’d probably stop breathing briefly. And, as I wrote about DC gig in London, I’m more than a little bit of a flailing fangirl for him too.

  7. “C’mon, kid, the first one’s free. You’ll like it…”
    Please, I do not need to add to my current Glee addiction by watching the Glee Project (athough the comments above do intrigue me!) I already spend waaaay too much time reading tweets by CC, DC et al (I wouldn’t have the nerve to try to tweet anyone like that), on Tumblr (which is whole bizarre rabbit hole on its own), on your fascinating blog and others’, googling the latest stories, gazing adoringly at photos, boring/horrifying my friends and family with my fangirlishness. If I start following the Glee Project as well, I will have to quit my job. Hey, not a bad idea were it not for that pesky issue of paying bills…:)

  8. “…googling the latest stories, gazing adoringly at photos, boring/horrifying my friends and family with my fangirlishness.”

    Hey, I resemble that remark….~big grin~

  9. >boring/horrifying my friends and family with my fangirlishness

    Oh, hi! Are you me? 😉

  10. What did you think of last night’s episode? I don’t know where you are, or if it has *aired* where you are, so I won’t post my thoughts until I know you’ve seen it.

  11. (because I am replying to ALL OF THE THINGS tonight)

    I really didn’t think I would like Emily after the “omg you’re so hawwwt” thing, but I really, really did. She had a really awesome air about her, she exuded confidence and awesomeness. And then agh, her STORY, broke my heart. I really didn’t want her to go, I felt she grew a lot in that one episode (why the hell didn’t Cameron go? Seriously…) and I wanted to see more with her. I wanted her to succeed, you know?

    (I think we need to stop listening to tumblr, hehehe)

  12. Yeah, her story in Vulnerability was heart breaking. And up until then, I was very *whatever* about her. Mostly because that super creepy flirt with DC was so cringeworthy and obvious.

  13. I am so addicted with this show!
    My favourites are: Samuel (truly he is the best), Cameron, Damian, Lindsay and Marissa.
    I loooove Marissa! Her story about Anorexia simply impacted me. I love the way she sings, but I think Lindsay has a better voice. Cameron.. oh Cameron, soo cute ❤ And Damian voice is perfect, completely diferent!

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