Ryan Murphy: Kurt, Rachel, Finn “clearly sophomores” in Season 1

(there are some wee spoilers in this)

… you can be really true to life and say when they started the show they were very clearly sophomores and they should graduate at the end of their senior year. That was more real, I felt it was more responsible and true to the fans. I think the fans want to see these people have a true experience and that’s what we decided to do.

via UltimateGleeks OFFICIAL.

I’m flabbergasted. And I’ve said a few times I wouldn’t write about this, because, really, what’s the point? (Also there’s the small fact that I don’t mind if they keep retconning Kurt  younger) But I didn’t think that Ryan Murphy would be all like “but isn’t it obvious, guys?” because, you know, it’s not.

Finn spent the best part of the first season worrying about college scholarships. Kurt had a car in the first season. As far as I’m aware, Ohio doesn’t allow 15 year olds to drive SUVs. Pretty sure Burt Hummel wouldn’t either.

So, no, not clearly sophomores, just conveniently seniors now, which I don’t mind, actually, but this interview just made me a bit nuts.


8 thoughts on “Ryan Murphy: Kurt, Rachel, Finn “clearly sophomores” in Season 1

  1. Glee is rather infamous for its plot inconsistencies and general ridiculousness. I’m actually relieved that Rachel, Finn and Kurt will be graduating. In fact, if Murphy announced that the next season would be the last, I would be even more relieved. I have a fear that if Glee continues too much longer it will seriously jump the shark, and that would be a real shame. Let the show go out on a high, and especially let CC go out on a high and on to bigger better things. I can’t wait to see what he accomplishes in film and on stage in the future, but that would be tarnished if he finished Glee in a less than amazing way. I think Murphy is actually showing some wisdom here.

  2. Oh absolutely! I agree — as much as I will miss those characters — they need to graduate and the actors need to move on. It just boggles how he can say “Oh it’s obvious” because — what the hell? — no, it’s never been obvious! 🙂

  3. I agree that the actors get to move on at the right time, before the inevitable crash-and-burn of the show — I am happy that there are new writers and hopefully we will get to see a good, well-rounded Season 3, so that they can end on a high note.

    Do you think Darren Criss will stay around for Season 4 if CC is gone? He’s just a junior next year…

  4. Yes, that was hilarious. Oh so obvious, right? Because continuity is such a strong point on Glee, especially on this topic.

  5. RM hasn’t been committal about Blaine’s age. I think he wants to leave that for Season 3. We don’t know he’s a sophomore, so he could be a junior too. Funny, because all of fandom seems to assume Blaine is older — but he’s not. He’s either the same age or younger.

    I’m not sure which I’d prefer… that they both graduate, effectively riding off into the sunset together, or that they explore that thing that happens when your boyfriend goes far away to university and has new things and new people and a busy, fun, free life, and you’re stuck with exactly the same, except without your favourite person. Not that it’s happened to me or anything *ahem*.

  6. I think Rachel’s actually already had her age changed on the show to retcon her, so now they seem to be changing it back… Sooo…yeah… Continuity.

  7. I’m so glad you found this: “”[Darren] plays someone who’s one year older than Chris’ character, so he’s the old pro.”

    Because it’s not the retconning that’s the most offensive – it’s the “Why would ANYONE think that?!!111!!” that he always does.

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