Hiatus and keeping in touch

Hi all

I’m starting to accept that I have almost nothing to say about Glee because Glee isn’t really saying much at the moment. It’s either Glee Live, which really isn’t Glee, or speculation, which isn’t really worth chatting about.

So, until September 20th, I’m going to be mostly not here. Obviously if something comes up, I’ll pop in, but for the most part, I expect the blog will be on hiatus until Glee is back. (I will probably post some ridiculous fangirling when I see Darren Criss in concert). I also have other writing stuff I really should be (and honestly, want to be! doing…)

But I’ve had so much fun chatting to all of you, and I think you have all had a great time chatting together, so…

I’m going to start the ball rolling and say if anyone wants to keep in touch over the summer, follow me on Twitter @CanuckJacq, because I’m starting to realise it’s just silly to keep two of these going full time when there’s not really much going on.

I mostly chat politics (Irish, American, Canadian, Ugandan), gay stuff, gender stuff, oh, and True Blood.

And if you guys want to let me know your Twitters, I’ll follow all of you too (if I haven’t already!) and we can talk about all kinds of things.

Have a great summer! (How will I ever survive?)


4 thoughts on “Hiatus and keeping in touch

  1. Oh, I know you’re right and yet I am loathe to let Glee go for the summer!!! I’ll follow your Twitter and hope to see some serious squee-ing after the 6th!

    I will probably resort to posting more autism/parenting stuff than Glee, though I might have a bit of Glee left in me.

    I’m VERY excited for when the season begins and everything goes BANANAS!

  2. Have you considered discussing The Glee Project? (It can be watched on Hulu.) It’s a different kind of show, but there’s definitely interesting material and it’s an opportunity to see who Glee’s creators and crew are.

  3. I watched one episode. It was alright as far as reality tv goes. Ok, ok, put Darren Criss in just about anything, and I’ll watch it. But there’s not an awful lot to talk about with it, I thought. Other than that Emily chick using prostitute lines at Darren Criss which was interesting, to say the least. But yeah. Maybe when it’s on telly over here, I might cast my eyes over it and see what happens.

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