Glee Live: Too Karaoke, Too Cheesy, and Just Right

Every take-down of the show—it’s too karaoke, it’s too cheesy, it’s too disjointed, it’s too gay—falls down in the face of what I saw on Saturday. As my concert companion pointed out, if you were a mom with a little boy who liked to wear sequin capes, wouldn’t you take him to see Kurt Hummel live on stage? There’s some argument that the TV show and performance aren’t really for young children, except the exceptional kind who probably, in 10 years time, will look back on pictures of themselves at the Glee tour and be really thankful their parents found somewhere they could go and see themselves.

via Live: Glee Warbles And Waves At Nassau Coliseum – New York Music – Sound of the City.

It’s been brought to my attention that I’ve been negligent in my Glee blogging duties of late. So many weird things, you have no idea. But anyway. I don’t know why I didn’t blog this before, because I posted it to my Facebook page and went on and on and on about it. There’s no explanation. And I think the passage speaks for itself.

But the really fun part, is that one of the little boys described in the article has a mom who blogs (and comments!) and you can read her account of the evening:

The boy in the cuffed white jeans and bow tie was my son, Spencer. He was reserved (but yes, very happy) because he has Aspergers and an arena is a VERY big, loud place when you are autistic. Spence was there because a few months ago he fell in love with Chris Colfer/Kurt because he was “a man with an up-high voice!”
read the rest at  Don’t Turn It Off 


3 thoughts on “Glee Live: Too Karaoke, Too Cheesy, and Just Right

  1. It is very surreal to be randomly trolling through a Chris Colfer News tumblr and find yourself reading about your child!!! Shocking and wonderful, really. I heard through a reliable grapevine that this writer might be doing a larger piece on Kurt Hummel’s impact on kids — she is an entertainment editor for Huffington Post — and if I hear anything more about that I’ll let you know. Sounds promising!

  2. I think it had been reblogged or whatever it’s called something like 800 times… So so strange and random to stumble across it in the middle of a bunch of hi-res screencaps and fangirls “unf”-ing over Single Ladies vids.

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