Glee fandom goes crazy for spin-off tease in finale

Ok, well, I don’t know if everyone else is going crazy about it, but I am! My two favourite characters — Kurt and Rachel, in the big city, chasing their dreams while singing breathtaking show tunes? You know what? I’m there alfreakingready.

And whoever made this trailer is a genius.

Aaaaand, Louise (who, you may recall, brought us the “When Kurt met Blaine” trailer of WIN) has made an “opening credits” for the (as yet totally hypothetical) spin-off. You can find it here, because I still can’t embed video.


8 thoughts on “Glee fandom goes crazy for spin-off tease in finale

  1. I hate a spin-off, but I can’t say I won’t program the DVR for it…

  2. Spin offs are often crap. BUT a Glee spin off has a different reason than most — they have to retire their characters after a couple years — they’re high school students! (and let’s face it, Puck and Finn already look almost the same age as Mr Schue).

  3. …except that Mr. Schue looks WAY older than he actually is!

    I support a Glee spin-off so long as they don’t have to do something convoluted and 90210-ish where for some inexplicable reason everyone ends up at Ohio State together…

    Because I don’t need to follow Artie or Quinn past graduation, you know? Unless they do a bang-up job of equitably and cleverly spreading out the storylines next year…

  4. I’ve also been seeing a lot of fan-movie posters for this idea as well. The only problem with it (and this might just be me) is that while I can see Kurt, Rachel and Blaine making a run for New York I just can’t wrap my head around Finn in New York.

    I’m willing to be proven wrong though.

  5. I saw those too, but I couldn’t find one when I actually went to post this, so it didn’t happen.

    It has to be said, I can only scroll through Tumblr for so long before my head explodes.

  6. Doesn’t he? I mean, his character is supposed to be my age (at least, we shared the same junior year in high school), and I know the actor is a couple years younger, but I don’t think I look as old as he does. Maybe I do. lol

    Yeah, I think that’s how I see a spin-off happening too. Just follow Kurt and Rachel and maybe Blaine and even more maybe Finn.

  7. Meant to say — Finn could be the comic relief, or the character that shows how completely in over their heads they are. I can see it working, even if he doesn’t stay long.

  8. I hope Ryan Murphy sees all the chatter about this. I think he’d have a winner on his hands. Maybe Rachel and Kurt talking about it in the finale was a teaser to test the waters. We need to let him know we’re all waiting for it to happen. I’ve seen some amazing trailers, one entitled “A New Direction.” I even love the title. I hope they send these to Ryan Murphy to see……

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