‘Glee’ Gripes

One of the biggest, most deserving gripes about “Glee” is its inconsistency, particularly when it comes to characterization. One week Kurt wants to talk to his dad about being gay, another week he’s petrified. (That said, the Kurt-Blaine relationship is the only one on the show that actually rings true, presumably because it’s the one the writers are most invested in.)

In last month’s regionals episode, “Glee” actually gave Quinn (Dianna Agron) a storyline but her character behaved like the Mean Girl she was in season one, not the more mellow character she became after her pregnancy.

This episode also gave Mercedes (Amber Riley) a solo on “Hell to the No,” a fun tune, but that just served as a reminder that the writers have basically abandoned that character. Just because her bestr friend, Kurt, now attends Darlton Academy doesn’t mean they never talk. Why not use Mercedes as a way to give Kurt some scenes with his old friends at McKinley? It would have the added benefit of giving Mercedes potential for a storyline again.

Why is Jessalyn Gilsig (the ex-Mrs. Schuester) still in the opening credits when we haven’t seen her for half a season?

Also, can we put a moratorium on the Gwyneth Paltrow guest spots? Her character is kind of awful and that most recent episode she was in was not fun at all.

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