Fave Glee Moments: Sue’s Sexy Sugar

Seriously? If ever two actors earned their bread, it was Chris Colfer and Darren Criss. Because O.M.G. there’s no way I’d be able to hold myself together and I’m pretty dry.

In Season 2, Episode 15 “Sexy”, Sue tracks down Kurt and Blaine at the Lima Bean coffeeshop to plant fake information and sabotage the Warbler’s chances of success. While she’s talking to them though, she empties two bottles of sugar syrup into her coffee cup and also empties several packets of sweeteners, before dumping in the empty packets as well.

Sugar and packets, all in.

I’ve seen it several times now and it’s still laugh-out-loud funny to me.

Trying not to laugh?

Genuinely have no idea how these two kept it together.

These two are heroes.


One thought on “Fave Glee Moments: Sue’s Sexy Sugar

  1. I have watched it multiple times as well and it still makes me laugh out loud. She puts about 5 different types of sweetener (and the packets themselves) in, which for some reason just makes me howl with laughter. Also, the fact that it’s all for a coffee enema just makes it that much more absurd. I honestly have no clue how DC & CC managed to shoot that scene without losing it. Especially Darren Criss who hasn’t had a season’s worth of shooting scenes with her to prepare him for that onslaught of hilarity.

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