Chris Colfer, please stop saying

… that there hasn’t been a gay storyline with an accepting parent before. There has.

Off the top of my head — almost exactly a year ago on ABC’s (sadly cancelled) Ugly Betty. Justin’s mom, Hilda, could not have been more accepting. Also, the kiss! And the magnificent Michael Urie plays the best fairy godfather ever.

But it’s still nice that there’s another. And while Justin came out after Kurt, Justin had been portrayed as gay since the beginning of the show. And that he would be accepted was only ever questioned by himself. There was never any doubt the family would be behind him.

I watch all these and wonder what my life would be like right now if my parents had been able to support me. And am so, so glad that teens have these storylines to watch and absorb and make part of their collective culture. When I realised I was gay, everything in my culture told me that I’d really better get ready to be on my own. Now, we’re starting to tell kids that it’s worth hoping that their parents will stand by them.

Anyway, I was just watching a couple interviews on You Tube and figured this was more effective than cursing at the screen. Also DO A SCISSOR SISTERS SONG! Fire with Fire would be epic. Personally I like Whole New Way, but I’m thinking it just wouldn’t, y’know. I Don’t Feel Like Dancing would probably work too.


2 thoughts on “Chris Colfer, please stop saying

  1. There’s also the son (Marshall?) on “United States of Tara”. One of the alters gives him a hard time, but his parents are very nonchalant about it. I always think it’s weird that Chris keeps saying Kurt is the first, since I know he is a “USofT” fan.

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