Hag Fag

In “Blame it on the Alcohol”, Kurt refers to Rachel as a “hag”. They carefully avoid the use of “fag” but are still happy to use “hag”? Really?
That was kind of disappointing.


4 thoughts on “Hag Fag

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  2. It was supposed to be “…expressed about many a hag, about many a fag”? Wow. Although I like the rhyming scheme better, I think it would’ve been better if they hadn’t carefully avoided ‘fag’ but let Mike say ‘tranny’. I could see Kurt saying ‘fag’ though, weirdly enought. Just…stay consistent, Glee. (That’s clearly a big problem for them.)

    PS I love your blog! I’ve spent like the past two days reading every post. I love it – your opinions, how you call Glee out on its BS but still love all the things about it that I love. Also, Klaine forever<3

  3. Well, the expression is “faghag”, and while they’ve replaced “fag” with “gay”, they still thought it was super awesome to use “hag” which is a pretty obvious slur for women. I’m hoping having a couple of women in the writers’ room might disappear this kind of fuckery.

    And thanks for your lovely comments about the blog.

    Also, I can imagine both Kurt and Blaine using “fag” on occasion. It’s an in-word, and I can even imagine it in this particular scene because Rachel, as the daughter of two gay men, sort of counts as in-that-word.

  4. Oh. That makes more sense. I’ve heard of ‘fag hag’, although I think ‘fruit fly’ is just as offensive and just as funny.
    I totally can see Kurt/Blaine saying ‘fag’. It’s kind of the same rule as black people saying the n-word, right? If you’re not that, then it’s offensive, but if you’re one of the people you’re talking about, it’s okay. I think that’s the (albeit unspoken) rule. All the gay men I know say it like it’s nothing, but I get mad at straight people for saying it. Ah, this world.

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