4.02: Britney 2.0

This episode was mostly about blondes.

Sue and Cassandra are similar characters — on the surface, unquestionably awful. And yet, our experience with Sue Sylvester has shown us that she’s actually very true to her word, even if she says things that are bizarre. And Cassandra, we didn’t need the experience of, because her name told the entire tale. Blessed with the gift of prophecy, she’s cursed with the appearance of being crazy, so nobody believes her. Her name told us from the very beginning that every word that comes out of her mouth is to be believed. Rachel could play Willy Loman, Shrek and Maria von Trapp.   Could she be living in a fantasy world? Also, hey, Brody backstory. Also “Schwimmer” — are they going to Ross-and-Rachel Finn and Rachel? I’m dying for Rachel to say, at some point this season, “but we were on a break”.

And then there’s Brittany, who thinks Kurt and Rachel are in heaven — but then again, so do Kurt and Rachel. And she thinks she’s doing a voice over, which seems crazy, except she really is doing a voice over. And while she struggles with algebra, she was able to manipulate everyone at McKinley into playing into her narrative of Brittany Breakdown. She even managed to get through it without shaving her head, which I’m certain was totally her plan in the first place.

Also, Becky can’t spell her name, but she’s not the worst at algebra. I know people with PhDs who did worse on high school algebra tests than that.

And then we have Sam, who figured out Brittany’s plan and loved her for it instead of condemning her for it. Let’s hear it for the blondes.

I’m finding the New York story really fascinating, because we see Rachel and Kurt — remember how Rachel reached out to a lonely Kurt? Now they’re helping each other. Rachel is obsessed with not being wanted by Finn, while her ingenue-chasing friend Brody quite literally ignores the writing on the wall.

Still not into Marley Sue (but much happier since that moniker seems to have stuck with her), although I’m still interested in Mama Rose (especially after Ryan Murphy’s tweet).

Delighted to see Puck (and that his pool cleaning business is doing very well) and delighted to see Will following in his tradition of doing horrible things to convince students to join glee club. Jake really is the new Finn.

There’s gotta be something to Kurt and Rachel riding their bikes in their new apartment. Ideas?


9 thoughts on “4.02: Britney 2.0

  1. I posted on Tumblr about the bikes. I see it as similar to “It’s Time,” in that the bikes are playful, and image of the freedom that Kurt talks to Rachel about. The world is their playground now–they’re riding all over their apartment!

    But that’s a different interpretation from the playful imagery from Blaine’s solo, which is about him being stuck in some ways–stuck at high school, at literally a playground.

  2. Maybe they’ll go farther than just Ross-n-Rachel if many/most of the alumni move to that NY Loft. If there’s an “Ugly Naked Guy” in the next building, I guess we can take that as a sign.

  3. I’m intrigued by the Cassandra stretching scene. She calls Rachel over to assist the stretch, then goes further than Rachel pushed her. (For non-dancers, which our host here certainly is not, the person assisting usually pushes further than the stretch-ee can go on their own).

    I am approaching certainty that Cassandra sees _something_ in Rachel, which is why she is the official target. And that does not surprise me. Often, including in my own schooling, a teacher will focus on someone they see with potential and _push_ them.

  4. I love the new season, and I must say I am very excited about seeing how the New York story line develops. Having said that, I am pretty disappointed with the pairing of Rachel and Brody. Why do they only set Rachel up with gentiles? Are they expecting us to believe she can’t meet a nice Jewish boy in New York City of all places??? I understand that the intermarriage rate is nearly 50% for American-Jews, but Rachel is way too assimilated to be empowering as a Jewish character. In four years on the show, she hasn’t once participated in a single Jewish tradition or cultural practice. Unless you count “wanting to get a nose job” a Jewish tradition. In fact, she spends a lot of time participating in Christian culture — like celebrating Christmas.

    If the show wants to present Jewish characters who only date non-Jews, that is fine. It has just always irked me that this show about self-empowerment completely erases all the Jewish characters’ identities — except when to play on them for stereotype. I’d just like to see a positive representation of a character for whom Judaism is more than a mere informed attribute.

  5. Saw a commentary a while back on Jewcy about how Rachel’s Jewish identity was becoming lost. I wonder though, given how the writers trick us regularly, if this is actually going to be a plot point. And yes, NYC would be a great place to address this. (remember when everyone freaked out because Quinn had forgotten about her baby for a whole year and went crazy? Yeah, apparently she hadn’t forgotten, she just went crazy). Just a sec, I’ll find that link. http://www.jewcy.com/arts-and-culture/network-jews-rachel-berry-from-foxs-glee

  6. Hey all, just discovered this blog and love it.

    One thing about this episode that interested me, is the “second-chances” theme. On one side we have Brittany intentionally hitting rock bottom so that her attempt at a second chance will be more glorious. And of course, this whole second senior year is a second chance for her along with her plan to get back on the cheerios.

    On the other hand we have Cassandra’s great failure, and her policy that she does not give second chances, because they don’t actually exist. Of course, Rachel gets one anyways, but not because Cassandra (the prophet) validates it.

    And then, we have Kurt, planning his second chance at getting into NYADA, and actually being grateful that he had to do it this way, to find his own strength.

    what do y’all make of it?

  7. About the bikes, there was a gif set on tumblr of the last time we saw Kurt on a bike i.e. as a child.

    So we’ve seen Kurt fall off his bike and need his dad to comfort him and put him back on his feet. Now he is sailing around unaided, although Rachel is there behind/in front of him (it’s a circle after all) and they can catch each other.

    The image of them circling round and round in fixed space also calls to mind a carnival ride. Kurt and Rachel have finally made it to the place of excitement and happiness they wanted to, but carnivals are also deeply scary. Anything can happen, good or bad, it’s the world turned upside down.


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