4.01: The New Rachel

Caption contest

It’s back! I’m super excited. And this episode felt the way I expected it to. Awkward.

Also, I’m hopped up on pain killers right now, so I’m not even going to make pretenses of being coherent. These are just notes.

It’s an episode where they had to establish a bunch of new rules for the Glee-verse.

Not only does it take place in two main places now, but the rules have changed. Glee kids can sit with Cheerios. Or at least they could while they were willing to be assholes.

Sue does baby talk.

Marley and Me

Gay kids do have the choice of being sad underacheivers.

Rachel is still very brave, very much a star and very much able to navigate NYADA the way she navigated McKinley. If you have to wash at 3am to do what you need to do, you wash at 3am.

High School is all about being the right kind of special.

Marley is also passing. Or was. She’s also really boring. I expect she will grow on me. I love Marley’s mom. She reminds me of the best adults I ever met when I was a kid.

Hey this Sam is being an asshole, back me up guys? GUYS?

Cassandra July is interesting. Because as much as she’s April Rhodes 2.0, she’s more depressing and pathetic than April Rhodes, because at least April’s drinking seemed to make her at least temporarily happy. Cassandra seems to simply numb the pain. You have to wonder about her role. And we can assume, because of Glee’s love of symbols writ large that her name has something to do with it. Cassandra in mythology can see the future, and it’s a burden to her. July is the month named for Julius Caesar. Ideas anyone?

At the table when Sam is having a go at Unique, telling her to remove her makeup, Unique looks towards Blaine and Tina, and then Blaine backs Sam up. He’s telling her it’s easy to be someone else while you need to. No big deal, right?


I want Brett to make the glee club after all. Actually, I want everyone who wants to be in the glee club to get in. Like it used to be. And De’wanda. She was awesome.

It’s hard to argue with the people who’ve been saying all along that Will is racist when he cuts Jake off mid-audition but listens to Marley the whole way through. I like Jake and the chip on his shoulder.

Hands up who had any idea that Barbra Streisand had covered New York State of Mind? REALLY?

This is all completely out of order, and I apologise.

Did anyone else twig the “you’re stuck” conversation as a passage/death/afterlife conversation? Like Blaine was talking to a ghost? Blaine also skips double dutch after several little girls with pigtails and braids. Of course he does.

Man, everything I watch set in New York City makes me want to be in New York City.


5 thoughts on “4.01: The New Rachel

  1. watching new york city scenes made me want to go there too,weird!!!:) i don’t like the new characters yet,Marley is no Rachel ,we have Tina and Blaine we don’t need new Rachel, Kurt in new york gonna be epic .i like Kate Hudson’s character.
    i actually liked this episode ,i cant wait for more Kurt in new york.
    i just dont get will he said glee is about team work we don’t need a star then he heard Marley and told his students she has star quality !!!!!!????i don’t want Marley be the new Rachel at least don’t give her all the song but I’m pretty sure they are gonna pair Jake with her,and then through sam or kitty in this mess!

  2. That line from Will bugged me too. If he really believed that, then he would’ve run New Directions differently all this time. I guess technically he said the stars *alone* don’t win–the team does. But that still doesn’t totally fit with how I’ve seen him privilege the “stars” in the past.

  3. I begrudged the time spent on Rachel, because I wanted to see more of what was going on at McKinley. I was glad that Kurt’s loved ones encouraged him to leave small-town Ohio. I like Unique. I think she’ll continue to be targeted by bullies. Hopefully she’ll get more support from New Directions. I liked Jake and Marley. I was happy that in the end the glee kids realized that it wasn’t right for them to go along with cruelty to be popular.

  4. Will has been a hypocrite all along. I think that the way there’s always been a difference between the way he thinks he runs Glee club and the way he actually does.

  5. “Did anyone else twig the “you’re stuck” conversation as a passage/death/afterlife conversation?” Having watched 4×02 and Brittany seems to believe Rachel and Kurt are dead and in “heaven”? I think you’re onto something. Brittany trying to talk to Santana via Skype also reads to me like mirrors, still pools or other magical means used to communicate between worlds (living & dead, mortal & faerie, Kansas & Oz, etc). There was also Kurt and Rachel riding bicycles in a circle in their apartment. It could be nothing, but I thought of Miss Gulch caught in the twister on her bicycle before she morphed into the Wicked Witch on a broom (Kurt & Rachel sing “Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead!” on broomsticks and wearing witches hats in 3×01).

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