Thank You Mr Murphy: The Box Scene Video

So, Mr Ryan Murphy joined Twitter and released this.

Klainers, we have so fucking much to talk about.

6 thoughts on “Thank You Mr Murphy: The Box Scene Video

  1. What I find the funniest in this whole scenario is that the fandom donated $14,000 and countless hours of hassling of the higher-ups and got the script, but Ryan Murphy joins Twitter and we simply get the whole filmed scene a day later. I’m not complaining – this is the best thing that’s happened to the hiatus, IMHO. God bless America. And Chris Colfer.

  2. I was so glad to see the scene. I am thankful. I think I’ll watch the episode again, and watch the scene between the time of the end of the song at the homeless shelter (“Do They Know It’s Christmas”) and the end of the episode. This scene was pure sweet romance.


  3. This was such a gift, to open up Tumblr today and find the links to this scene. And it’s a wonderful scene! I remember being frustrated at that point in the season, just wanting to see SOME scene between them, with any sort of tidbits about their relationship and where it was.

    So what I really liked about it was the kind of continuity it offered–we got references to TFT, and an important acting choice reference to the Asian F flower scene (as Kurt looks around him while Blaine ironically talks about being able to kiss him wherever and whenever he wants). THAT little bit alone would’ve helped further develop our understanding of what their experience is of their relationship actually is . . .

    And more acting choice/silly continuity stuff: Blaine says, “like,” like, a lot (he does it again in Dance with Somebody). And adorable stuff: Blaine touching the strap of Kurt’s messenger bag while telling him he’ll bake him cookies twice a year.

    The length of this scene is interesting too–it’s really long, and through so much of the season, they barely had more than screen time together. So that stands out as kind of interesting, too, because it’s a scene that has some very casual convo in it, which we don’t get to see often since there’s usually so much to pack into a typical ep.

    Sigh. And “the first of many.”

  4. Mr Murphy’s a clever guy. He knows how to make a point. I think that he chose his moment well, especially in light of the recent Chick-fil-A fiasco…

    Respect. The man still has my vote.

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