The Heart Script

The same people who brought us The Box Scene have won the script for the Valentine’s Day episode, Heart.

I couldn’t afford to donate this time around so I don’t have anything I can post up for you guys, but I’m going to link to the stuff that’s out there and we can have a chat here.

So, first, the links:





APOLLO. Joe (known exclusively as Teen Jesus) was supposed to be called Apollo? REALLY? And now he’s Joe Hart? Can someone explain that to me? Because everyone’s talking about kisses and hugs and double standards and Kurtofsky and I’m just like APOLLO?

There’s also this stage direction, here, look:

“Finn gives Rachel an insane, enormous, sloppy, wet, super-long kiss. Santana (and all of America) is disgusted…”

Well, yes. That worked.

The Kurtofsky/Breadstix scene is interesting, because boyband haircut villain isn’t there. So that was a later addition. Does that mean they were only figuring that arc out? Without that, the whole suicide attempt plotline would be pretty weak. That said, it was pretty weak anyway — who is that guy? Why’s he in Breadstix when the waitress almost didn’t let Kurt in?


Thoughts? Also, if you have more links for more scenes, share them below!


One thought on “The Heart Script

  1. Thank you for posting the links. It’s so interesting to see how the scenes were originally supposed to play out.

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