S3 E17: Dance with Somebody

It's not a good mirror

Sam's an expert on "in your pants" feelings

Let’s just get a few things off our chests. You’ll have to excuse me if this post is almost entirely Klaine-centric. That’s because of all the feelings (and no, Sam, not “in my pants” feelings).

Let’s talk about Quinn for a second. Anyone else notice her doing her makeup in the hand dryer? So yeah, we’re talking here about how disability can affect how we see ourselves. Also, it’s bullshit there’s no sink and mirror at her level.

Can't button those cardigans like he used to

But mostly, we’re going to continue talking about how Kurt is pregnant. There’s a seahorse (which he’s not taking with him to NYADA — it got a pink post-it) on his bedroom shelf. Anyone else notice how his cardigan buttons are undone at the bottom? Wonder if he’s had to sew an elasticated waist onto his skinny jeans?

The hippo brooch that Chandler noticed could represent Tewaret, the Egyptian goddess of pregnancy and childbirth. Continuity huh?

Ok, so there are the fox tails. And then there's this.

Also, there’s a silver fox scarf/wrap thing flung casually over his mirror. We’ve discussed silver fox imagery before re: Kurt.

I’m expecting Racheline will come through with more commentary on Lesbian Bed Death, and all the other death that Kurt mediates. I’ll leave that to her.

Hey, Cockblocking keyboard! Meet Cockblocking keyboard!

I have some suspicions that the set dressers know of the phrase “cockblocking keyboard.” Because in the episode that addresses “lesbian bed death” (really? DID THAT REALLY JUST HAPPEN?), we have two cockblocking keyboards.

Just don't say the wrong answer, Kurt

We also have Blaine singing another female empowerment song and looking like a BadWolf game show host (I got reallyworried about Kurt when I realised that.)

But, of course, my OTP is solid. Blaine was freaking out over Kurt leaving. Kurt was doubting his attractiveness again. I find it hilarious that they talked about it — someone on Tumblr commented that these two boys have obviously both been in therapy. Because when my high school boyfriend went off to university (about 1000 miles away from home), I just went crazy. We didn’t talk about it. I just went crazy and we broke up. For the best, you know, long term, but still, Kurt and Blaine handled things probably a little better than your average high-school couple.

Favourite things? The look Mike Chang gave Blaine when Kurt was singing “I Have Nothing”. They’ve obviously been talking about it, and Mike was probably the voice of reason and Blaine’s just uninterested in getting over it that quickly.

I enjoyed the Will storyline actually. Because as much as he created this dubious safe space that changed the lives of his students, you can’t create a space like that and not be changed by it yourself. I particularly appreciated his choice of wedding venue that would have squicked out most people and how calm Emma remained as she explained how completely insane his plan was.

I’m not sold on Teen Jesus just yet, but I do like that the only thing he did for the girl in the wheelchair is show her she’s capable of giving him a boner.


17 thoughts on “S3 E17: Dance with Somebody

  1. The lack of an accessible sink and mirror for Quinn may be bullshit, but I’ve never been in a public school that had them. Most places around here aren’t ADA compliant.

    I am such a big fan of how Teen Jesus is NOT healing the lame (and seriously, in BB he told Quinn he prayed for acceptance, not a miracle,) and also as providing the counter to the very realistic processing Quinn is doing about how disability intersects with gender and sexuality and how, for a girl who’s always been the “prettiest girl I’ve ever known” (at least since Lucy,) being in a wheelchair is changing everything.

    And I like how they negotiate their faith.

    Also, Emma being INCREDIBLE makes me willing to consider Wemma. So, there you go.

  2. !!!!!!!!!

    The screencap lets me see that the sign on the side of the bookshelf says “Love is a friendship set to music.”

    Add in that the music store is “In Between The Sheets” and the way they use music on Glee…..

    Oh Kurt, you really did cheat.

  3. Yes! That’s why I included that screencap.

    Not sure if it’s me or the episode but this week, everything was exceptionally visual for me. I almost did the entire post in screencaps and captions.

  4. I keep being sort of like “really bad judgement about a flirtation” is not the same as cheating, but that said, if we go with the idea that the sex we never saw in TFT was metaphorical, than Kurt DEFINITELY cheated here, because of the name of that store, specifically.

  5. Yeah, you know, if this was a real-life situation, I’d be in Kurt’s camp here. It was a very minor infraction, in my mind. While he should have sat Blaine down and talked the problem out, he’s 18 years old. He’ll know next time.

    You know, I’ve done similar — I used to text this girl when I was in a relationship with another one. And I knew she fancied me. I used to even invite her and her friends out on nights I went out with my girlfriend. Now, it just so happened that girlfriend was an asshole. And I married the girl who fancied me. But if my girlfriend hadn’t been completely ignoring me and using me as arm candy, I wouldn’t have had any interest in looking elsewhere.

    The situations are different, but the reasons are the same.

  6. I mean, it’s Glee–singing a duet means you’re fucking. So it’s a “for a given value of “cheating”” situation.

    And they really work the metaphors around sex. Think NBK, too.

  7. “Someone on Tumblr commented that these two boys have obviously both been in therapy.”

    I was thinking the same! After Blaine asks about Emma’s qualifications, you see Blaine somehow accept the therapy and he jumps right in . . . and Kurt’s comments about “active listening,” and his glances at Emma are hilarious, but weirdly telling.

    But I keep thinking about the whole setup for that scene. Did Kurt realize that he wouldn’t be able to have a civil/useful conversation with Blaine alone? And he had to somewhat trick Blaine into showing up for that appointment? Interesting too is that Kurt thought singing a song to convey his “regret” would be enough, since he knows that’s Blaine’s normal way of expressing feelings–but it didn’t work. Lots of thoughts here.

  8. I have mixed feelings about whether Kurt’s behavior was cheating. Inappropriate definitely, but I think calling it cheating is taking it a bit far especially in light of Blaine’s behavior with Sebastian. In some committed relationships, both behaviors would be completely acceptable. I think the real issue here is honesty and keeping your partner informed of your feelings and actions. I see Kurt’s texting is a symptom, not a primary cause. That said, this is high school and Glee so Blaine’s reaction is completely understandable.

  9. When my husband and I fight, we use similar phrases and neither of us have ever been to therapy. It is ridiculous and rehearsed, but it helps us fight cleanly and resolve issues without creating new ones. I saw it as a good sign in their relationship that they were able to fight in a productive way.

  10. I sincerely hope that after a stellar NYADA audition and admission to a competitive, Kurt understands — and finally accepts — how utterly special and remarkable he is. It will keep him from doing stupid things with boys he really isn’t interested in.

    Because for all that I am no Klaine fan, I would hate to see Kurt engage in behavior he would regret. It’s one thing to trade lame pick-up lines with a guy he’s clearly not attracted to; I’d hate to see Kurt hit NYC still desperately needing affirmation… (I mean, that’s pretty much why I knew better than to come to NYC for college!)

  11. They are teen aged boys who are out. They’ve screwed. There’s nothing metaphorical about that.

  12. I feel like Blaine has done therapy, because he’s used therapy-speak before, but Kurt and his “active listening” felt like stuff Emma coached him to say when Kurt first went to her with whatever plan leads to him and Blaine being in her office together.

  13. i agree with deconstructing glee up-thread, this entire episode was incredibly visual for me. partially i think that was from all the obvious music video references, partially from the new/changed locations (kurt’s room, the music shop) with lots of new details.

    i was also noticing a lot of clothing-related stuff: the way kurt’s ihn outfit mirrored his aswnsg one from 2×18, the fact that the color scheme of kurt’s camouflage outfit was nearly identical to that of the outfit he wore during the fight with blaine, with lots of muted greens and then a bit of orange on the shirt (and speaking of that camouflage jacket, that he was wearing it during the first scene, when blaine made the little gesture to stop him listing his whitney ideas). also, the outfits they wore in emma’s office: someone on tumblr already pointed out that blaine’s wearing the same cardigan he wore in 2×22, along with a blue checked shirt that gives him a nice dalton color palette. (also, kurt wouldn’t be dressing blaine at this point, yeah? so blaine goes back to old clothes of his.) kurt’s wearing the same westwood suit that he did in ‘mash-off’ during his speech in the gym; i read this as a very ‘public’ outfit for him, with the combination of the fact that it’s a very formal (and $1800) outfit, and that the only previous time we’ve seen him in it, it was in a very presentational setting.

    (one more thing about that first outfit, too, because i can’t seem to let it go: the camouflage paired with the hippo-head broach is giving me a strange hunting vibe. paired with the whitney shrine, and the skull and seahorse-under-glass that were in kurt’s room–all death-related things–plus the shitload of nostalgia and talk of endings that have been going on all season (or at least since 3×08), i feel like, if this were any other show, at this point i’d be yelling, “surprise! everyone dies!” and gearing up for a ‘six feet under’-type of ending.

    this show being what it is, i should probably be preparing myself for everyone’s metaphorical death. also under the heading of ‘this show being what it is,’ though, i feel like it’s too invested in victory moments to let that happen.)

  14. What I personally have problems with this episode is Sam going on about how it is impossible for a high school boy to not have sex. I know quite a few guys, both in and out of high school, that are still very much virgins. The truth is that most of them are non-christian to begin with so the idea that its either God or Woman is absolute bull as they are with neither. In fact, statistically the number of high school students reporting to have had sex has gone down substantially since the baby boomer generation, which means that there are more guys then ever not having sex. So while Sam may not have been able to wait he shouldn’t be saying that waiting is impossible because it isn’t.

    I’m actually fairly happy with Joe at the moment. He seems like he could possibly be a good representation of the average home-schooler. However, he also has the potential to be done wrong. I have no clue how much the writers of Glee know about home-schoolers but I hope they know more than your average stereotypes. Now I will admit that Joe might have had questions about “those feelings” and he would NOT have gone to his parents about that (and if all his other home school friends were christians then he really wouldn’t have the option of asking people he had known longer but STILL) but he shouldn’t really have gone to someone he had litterally JUST MET, and I really hope that he doesn’t take what Sam says at face value. I believe that he is smarter than that (I also believed that SAM was smarter than that and look where that got me. YOU FAIL AT ADVISE SAM!) but the writers may decide to have him give up his faith for an agenda that they definitely have (Im not against their agenda but I wish that they would be a bit……more moderate in their definitions of christians. We don’t all want to string “Sinners” up by their ankles. Really we dont!).

  15. I think it is incredibly likely Kurt has done therapy, considering his mother’s death when he was very young, but probably only when quite young, which would explain to me the way he said things, rehersed and in a slightly undeveloped, immature way? (Not articulating that brilliantly, but hopefully you’ll understand my meaning). It could also be Emma’s coaching, though.

  16. I’ve been trying to think of what, is any, significance, the notion of Kurt being figuratively pregnant could have, and here’s what I was able to come up with: Pregnancy could be seen as a burden. Two people who otherwise might not have stayed together might stay together only because one of them got pregnant. Maybe the notion of Kurt being pregnant = Kurt being burdened, (in the future), with his relationship with Blaine? Blaine clearly wants to hold on to Kurt very badly, but what if Kurt ends up feeling, perhaps, guilted into staying in the relationship?

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