Ugly Betty’s Justin Suarez, NYC’s prequel to Glee’s Kurt Hummel

Television Without Pity have a blog post today that’s supposed to be about how Justin Suarez’s storyline in Ugly Betty paved the way for us to see Kurt and Blaine rub noses in bed on our televisions.

In a way, it makes sense, and in another way, it reminds me that while I think I may have seen Kurt grow up, I didn’t. I saw Justin grow up in New York City, come out, and then I saw Kurt Hummel deal with it — in Ohio.

If you haven’t watched Ugly Betty, and you’re a fan of Kurt in Glee, I urge you to watch it. Season 3 is the hardest and the reason it isn’t on air now, but in Season 4, they make up for it so much you’ll be devastated when you realise there is no more. But they do tie up all their loose ends nicely.

The thing I miss in Glee that I adored so very much in Ugly Betty was Marc St James, played by the impressive Michael Urie. Glee’s gays don’t have older role models they can confide in, or just feel a secret solidarity with when they need to feel something with someone. And maybe that’s implied in Karofsky’s gay bar belonging, but it would still be nice to see the difference that makes. Especially since Rachel’s dads are gay. How did that never cross into Kurt’s life?




One thought on “Ugly Betty’s Justin Suarez, NYC’s prequel to Glee’s Kurt Hummel

  1. I think that the reason we only see Kurt dealing with it–though I certainly feel I’ve seen him grow up–is the same reason he’s done so on his own, never meeting Rachel’s dads…the kids in Glee are very much, and very consistently, on their own. The adults are rarely competent, reliable, or loving, and the kids essentially raise themselves, with some very predictable and dysfunctional results. This is something I have been meaning to talk to you about, actually!

    (I’ve never watched Ugly Betty. The name put me off.)

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